A Look at the Man and the Legend, Gordie Howe


Gordie Howe was Canadian by birth, but he was an important member of the Detroit community, too.

Howe played his first 25 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings. His youngest son, Murray, wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, and gave it a try, but discovered during his first year at the University of Michigan that he might actually want to be a doctor.

Dr. Murray Howe, son of “Mr. Hockey,” today is head of Sports Medicine Imaging for Toledo Radiological Associates. Dr. Howe was the celebrity guest speaker at Troy’s 23rd annual Celebrity Night Dinner held last Thursday, October 18 at the San Marino Club.

Dr. Howe recounted that not only was his father perhaps the best hockey player of all time, but he was also a gentleman. After dinner, Brad Galli of WXYZ interviewed Dr. Howe about his national bestselling book entitled “Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father.”

Dr. Howe told the large audience of Troy Community Coalition supporters that his father started every speech by thanking the audience. He followed suit, and it was obvious that many of Gordie Howe’s long-time family friends were in the audience. Dr. Howe said that he wanted to honor his father and pay tribute to him.

“Today, everybody has a Gordie Howe story,” he added with a smile. Galli noted that Gordie was known for his humility. His father always liked to pay the check, Dr. Howe noted. “He believed generosity works. You always get back more than you give.”

His father also advised, “Don’t ever read your own press clippings or you’ll start to believe them.”

It was wonderful to go out on the town with his dad, but almost impossible to quickly get him away from a crowd until every autograph had been signed. Dr. Howe noted that his father kept every promise he ever made to his family or friends.

In addition, Gordie “believed it was his responsibility to make every gift he had as good as possible,” and encouraged others to do the same.