‘A shining example’: 32 condos approved for Rochester Road

A mock-up of Shallowbrook Townhomes, a 32-unit condo development coming to Rochester Road, south of Shallowdale Drive. [Courtesy of Designhaus Architects]

Planning commissioners approved a plan on Monday for a complex of 32 attached condos on Rochester Road, south of Shallowdale Drive.

The units will be spread across eight buildings ranging in size from three to five units. 

Each unit will have a livable area of 1,800 square feet and feature a two-car garage.

The project, known as Shallowbrook Townhomes, is being developed by Premium Development Group with architecture by Designhaus Architects.

“This will definitely be an enhancement to that strip of land there,” said commissioner Dave Lambert. 

Jim McCauley, community development liaison for a neighboring homeowners’ association, vouched for the project. He said the developers worked closely with his neighborhood to see that all parties were satisfied.

“This is a shining example of how it should be done,” said commissioner Thomas Krent.

City Council approved a request last week that rezoned the area to RT, which can contain one-family units. It had previously been split between two residential zones and an environmental protection zone.

Twelve conditions were attached to the rezoning request, four of which the site plan was non-compliant with on Monday. Deficiencies included:

  • A required 35-foot buffer on the north boundary line was short by six inches.
  • Four additional trees had to be planted to provide 250 feet of screening on the south property line.
  • Seven of nine required guest parking spaces were provided.
  • Structures had to have plank siding. The plan used an exterior insulation and finish system.

All of those conditions would be revisited and satisfied, said Joe Latozas, senior associate and project manager for Designhaus Architects.