Board Moves Forward With Special Assessment Sewer Expansion


Washington Township’s Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, July 18 featured a public hearing for the ongoing East and West Special Assessment Districts for Sewer planning.

The sewer plans have been in the works for the past eight years, and according to trustees, many residents of Washington Township have been waiting for the plans to be finally put in motion.

“There’s a lot of people who have been asking us for sewer for a lot of years,” said Township Supervisor Dan O’Leary. “We have had a hard time getting it to you because county sewer reaches our border at 26 Mile Road, then we get to it using pipe we have installed, and we don’t really have pipe much further than 28 Mile.”

“We’ve been building a sewer plant that will address a district from 32 Mile to 30 [Mile] and from Powell Road over to Van Dyke,” said O’Leary. “That’s the district we’ve defined with the DEQ when we got the permit. It will address a lot of land on the east side, but there are a lot of you on the west side that would benefit greatly from it too.”

Two petitions were brought to Washington Township residents to ask for their approval of the building of the east and west side sewer pipes. Both petitions had positive signature rates, with the east district at 57.4% and the west district at 67.73%.

The east side pipe will run from the sewer plant at Powell Road, across the area the business Total Sports owns and through township property to the east side of M-53. The west side pipe will run from M-53, over to and up Van Dyke Road.

The east side SAD is 212 acres, with three business owners and four parcels, two of which are owned by the township. The east pipes will be 15 inches wide, roughly 15 feet deep and 4,205 feet long. The current total estimated cost of the east side sewer pipe is about $1.1 million, which includes construction, design, and the SAD administration. The cost per acre is $5,189, which does not include interest.

The west side SAD is 222 acres and is primarily zoned as commercial or industrial. There are many parcels in this district, so the construction for the west will be more challenging due to the numerous businesses in the area. The west pipe will be 10 to 15 inches wide, 15 to 20 feet deep, and slightly over 6,500 feet long. The current total estimated cost of the west side sewer is $3.5 million, and the cost per acre is about $16,000, not including interest.

A timeline for the project has not been set, as there are many more factors that must happen before beginning. If the project was to begin in the spring of next year’s construction season, it would most likely be finished by fall. This was a rough estimate of the timeline given by the Board of Trustees.

“Resolution three is now complete, so that is good news for those of you who have been waiting a long time,” said O’Leary.

The motion to approve resolution three for the east and west side districts passed unanimously.

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