Both Parties Will Lose November Election

PeteMauerFirst, you spend several decades catering to the wealthy and influential, and the evangelical far-right as your base of support.
Then you give a fledgling movement, the Tea Party, some credibility by embracing them and their extremist views on contemporary governance.  It’s only later that you see them for what they are.

You applaud the SCOTUS decision to consider corporations as ‘citizens’, opening the door for unfettered and vast amounts of money to enter politics, legitimizing what has been happening behind closed doors for year.  But Citizens United, and other large Super Pacs, are starting to work against you.

You stall legislation that would have provided jobs during the Great Recession, and then publicly announce that you are not going to do your job and fill a vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

You work tirelessly with corporations to pass NAFTA and other trade legislation that outsources jobs, but fattens the profit margins.

And even though your decisions help decimate the middle class, and push an ever-growing tide of working class into the ranks of the poor, you continue your quest to destroy organized labor and return the country to a second Gilded Age of Robber Barons.

And it worked, too.

Only now, when the majority of Americans have nothing to lose, they are fighting back.  They’re not using pitchforks and torches, and they’re not using muskets.  No, the disenfranchised Americans are going to look upon their vote as their weapon-of-choice, one they will deploy this November.

The once proud Grand Old Party, that bastion of American ideals and values, has transmogrified into something many moderate conservatives don’t even recognize any more.  Gone are the days where the needs of the people were tantamount in the minds of the majority Republican Party, being replaced with a rapidly-shrinking base of support that reflects dissatisfaction with a party that seems content to represent a rapidly-shrinking number of ultra-conservatives.

I am not saying that the Democrats have clean hands, because they are just as complicit in what has become a polarized nation in search of true leadership.  Today, liberals and conservatives alike are so polar opposite that neither party is recognizable by those old enough to remember Kennedy and Nixon.

When the largest political ‘party’ in the country is the Independents, you know something has gone terribly wrong with the present two-party system, not so much because there is an inherent flaw in having just two major parties, but because so many moderates, both conservative and liberal, have no one to vote for, and haven’t had for many decades.

It will be those same Independents who will determine our next president, and it seems as though the Republicans are already conceding the White House, focusing their attention instead on trying to save as many Senators and Representatives as they can, for fear of losing their seat at the head of the table, both inside the Beltway and in fifty state capitols.

A revolution has started, and the pendulum will begin its inevitable swing back toward the center, only I fear the return to centrism will be far quicker and unruly than its trip to the far-right took.