Bucci Resigns from Macomb Twp Zoning Board


Dino Bucci, sitting Macomb Township trustee, has been absent from all board of trustee and zoning board meetings since he was charged in November 2017 with bribery, fraud, and money laundering in connection with an FBI investigation into Macomb County corruption.

Despite his absence, Bucci has still been paid for his roles on both boards, totaling over $5,000 according to the Free Press.

At Wednesday’s Macomb Township board of trustees meeting, supervisor Janet Dunn read a letter from Bucci’s attorney in which Bucci voluntarily resigned from his position on the zoning board of appeals.

The letter from his attorney Fred Gibson reads in part: “Please be advised that Mr. Bucci has asked that I notify you, Macomb Township, that he is voluntarily resigning his position as a member on and of the township’s zoning board of appeals effective immediately.”

After reading the letter, the supervisor and board moved on to agenda items with no comment on the letter. During public comment, residents Frank Cusumano and Lisa Nash both wondered if the board should vote on a motion to accept Bucci’s resignation. Jim Gelios wondered if the board could look into voting to withhold Bucci’s wages on account of his eight months of no-shows.

Clerk Kristi Pozzi asked township attorney Esordi at the end of the meeting what should be done with the Bucci letter. “We didn’t get a resignation letter from Mr. Bucci, we got an email from his attorney. What would be the process since we didn’t get a resignation letter, just the email?” Pozzi asked.

“Well I think they can be treated as the same thing. It’s an official resignation. I spoke with the attorney and it’s clear,” Esordi said.

“So past practice would be that we make a motion to accept his resignation, correct?”

Esordi said that since the zoning position is an appointed one rather than elected, a motion from the board was not necessary. He said that a motion to accept the resignation and immediately appoint a new member to the board would likely happen simultaneously and at the next board meeting.

The next board of trustees meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 27 at 7 p.m. You can view this and previous meetings on Youtube at MTGAcable.