Council affirms order of air filters for firefighters


Troy’s City Council ratified a $23,250 purchase of air filtration adapters for firefighters’ respirator units to protect them against exposure to COVID-19 during a virtual meeting Monday, April 13. 

The order includes 200 adapters and one disposable filter for each adapter. The adapters can be attached to self-contained breathing apparatuses the fire department recently purchased, and will help the fire department avoid dependence on the unreliable supply of N-95 masks, which are in a global shortage. 

Each Troy firefighter has been issued a single N-95 mask to use until the adapters’ expected June delivery.

Troy police and Alliance Mobile Health workers continue to rely on “traditional sources” for personal protection equipment, fire chief David Roberts wrote in an email to councilwoman Ellen Hodorek released with the agenda.

“[Alliance Mobile Health] have implemented decontamination procedures in order to re-use their PPE so as not to deplete their limited supply,” he said.

City management purchased the adapters earlier this month. Troy’s charter states that necessary purchases may be made without council’s approval in a declared state of emergency. Such purchases need to be affirmed at the next council meeting.

Mayor Ethan Baker shared a message of support and pride for the Troy community.

“Our residents and our businesses are of course stepping up to the plate, because that’s what Troy is, and I couldn’t be prouder of all of us,” he said. “It’s difficult and anxiety-producing, but you’re handling it with class and grace.”

Council will stream a budget study session 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 22. With about a quarter of the state’s workforce now unemployed, the future of the city’s budget is of heightened importance.

“These budget sessions are one of the most important things we do, so I ask residents to pay attention and stay involved, because this next month is very crucial for our city,” Mayor Pro Tempore David Hamilton said.