Council Takes Next Steps In Search For Manager


GovHR USA, the city’s search consultants for a new city manager, received 84 applications for the job. After consultants Heidi Voorheis and Jaymes Vettraino vetted them, they came up with a list that has seemed to satisfy the requirements compiled for the candidates.

Troy City Council met in closed session before last Monday’s meeting to explore the list. Most candidates, with the exception of current City Manager Mark Miller, requested confidentiality at this stage, council only knew them as a number. At the regular meeting, however, Vettraino gave a background look at Miller, who seemed quite qualified for the job. The others will have to wait a bit in the process.

First, council had to vote on which candidates they wanted to interview. There appeared to be at least a dozen finalists, as many council members voted for No. 12 as someone they wanted to interview. Since Vettraino had recommended interviewing four candidates, and council came up with six they wanted to see, if one or two drop out, which happens, we don’t have to go through the screening process again.

The next step now is the actual interviews. If they agree to come for an interview, City Attorney Lori Grigg Bluhm said their resumes will be posted online for all to peruse.

Council will invite them all to come to Troy on Saturday, October 27 beginning at 9 a.m. for the initial interview. These interviews are open to the public, so we don’t know the exact setting, perhaps council chambers. While you don’t get to ask questions, the public will be given comment cards to report what they think of the candidates’ potential to serve the city. Each interview is expected to take about an hour.

It seems like all of the candidates that council selected are at least from Michigan, northern Ohio, or Indiana, as only one candidate will have to fly in to be interviewed. There was some discussion about that cost, and council seemed willing to go as high as $1,000 for the flight and hotel, but didn’t want any first-class plane ride involved.

Council is expected to narrow the choice to the top three candidates for a final round of interviews. The public is also invited to this session. When that session will be had is another question, as Councilwoman Edna Abrahim is not available for much of November. She is, however, available November 3, so that might be the second round of interviews. Members will let the city attorney know when they are available for round two.

Attorney Bluhm wants to make sure that both residents and staff can give input on these candidates. She suggested candidates meet the public before the second round, but there was some suggestion from council that it be before the first round on Friday, October 26.

In other business, Council seemed to like the update on how to form a Sign Committee to see if further changes are needed in the Sign Ordinance. City Council adopted amendments to Chapter 85 Signs at the September 24, 2018 regular meeting.

During Council Comments, Mayor Slater requested that the City Manager provide guidance to City Council regarding the creation of a Sign Advisory Committee. The Committee would assist staff with the task of amending Chapter 85 Signs.

City Management has developed an outline for an Ad Hoc Sign Advisory Committee to be appointed by the City Manager for the specific task of assisting in the process of amending Chapter 85 Signs. It is proposed that the Committee be comprised of seven members total, with the requirement that all of the members shall be City of Troy residents, with one representative from Planning, City Council, Building, a place of worship, and a business owner. In addition, two members would be Troy residents.

The Committee may invite nonresident experts to provide technical expertise if needed. A resolution by City Council would be necessary to create the Committee. The Committee would dissolve upon adoption of amendments to Chapter 85 Signs.