Deacon Faces Charges for Sexual Abuse of a Child

In our country’s checkered past, church officials have been known to protect those accused of sexually abusing a child.

But officials at St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church on East Big Beaver weren’t having any of that. They reported a problem to Troy Police last month and following an investigation, charges were quickly forthcoming for the alleged abuse of a juvenile victim.

A deacon at their parish, who had served there for over two decades, Hurmiz Risko Ishak, 63, was arrested last Wednesday and arraigned in Troy’s 52-4 District Court on three charges of First Degree Sexual Assault on a Juvenile. These charges can lead to many years in prison, including a life sentence.

Troy Police reported that Ishak started these alleged incidents last May and had continued until early last month.

Police told the court that the defendant used his authority as a deacon to get the juvenile into these horrific encounters. They also indicated there was a possible witness to the abuse.

Ishak, a Sterling Heights resident, was born in Iraq and police noted that he has family there and could attempt to flee the country if his bond was not set at a high enough level. It’s safe to assume that if he has a passport, it will have to be surrendered.

A not guilty plea was entered at the arraignment. Bond was set at $300,000 (no 10 percent, just cash), which the defendant is unable to post. But, should the money for bond become available, the defendant will be required to wear a tether and be under house arrest until future hearings are held.

He cannot have any contact with the victim, the victim’s family, or the potential witness in this case. The judge also ordered that Ishak be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Troy Police would like to hear from anyone with knowledge in this case or anyone who has had sexual contact with the accused in the past. Call 248-524-3477 and ask for the detective on the case.