Ed Segovia is Troy’s Teacher of the Year

TAKING TEACHER OF THE YEAR honors in Troy this year is Ed Segovia, a second grade teacher at Morse Elementary School. He’s been so influential in the lives of these Troy High students, Megan Wallace, Madelyn Young and Sara Lewandowksi, they not only recommended him for the award, but showed up last Wednesday to express how much he has influenced them.


Ed Segovia came to Troy from Eastern Michigan University to do his student teaching back in 1995. Those were the years when 5,000 applications a year poured into Troy for the few teaching positions available. Someone obviously saw Segovia’s potential, as it’s been over twenty years since he joined the Troy School District community. Last Wednesday he was named the district’s top Teacher of the Year.

When fellow teacher Kimberly Johnson decided to nominate Segovia for this honor, she had to ask his principal at Morse Elementary School, fellow teachers, parents, former students and current students to join her. Literally every teacher at Morse penned words of praise for the job Segovia does for his second grade students. Even three students now in their junior year at Troy High School asked to write recommendations for their second grade teacher. Everyone wanted to share their memorable experiences with Ed Segovia, especially how he provides precious moments for his students.

As Johnson points out in her nomination, “One thing stands out: the personal connection Ed makes with every student in his classroom, regardless of their challenges or skills.”

Parents lauded Segovia for inspiring their children to not only learn to read, but sit still, or confront a bully. Good citizenship is also important in the Teacher of the Year selection process.

Johnson said it best when she wrote: “Ed Segovia is a leader and role model our community. He currently serves on the district-wide Literacy CAT team, our building literacy goal team, our building Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) and is the TEA representative for Morse. In addition, he teaches summer school and is an integral part of our summer night’s program. Because Ed is the amazing person we all aspire to be, every Wednesday he stays after summer school, which ends at 12 to be there for our community event at 7 even though he drives over an hour. His citizenship is evident by his commitment to the community garden, which he watered ever Wednesday before our summer night’s program. Ed is also so passionate about literacy that when the district initiated a summer library program he was the librarian for summer check out at both Morse and Martell. Clearly, Ed is a leader in our school community!” She observes that he is “the most compassionate teacher I ever met…He makes every person feel important wherever he goes.”

Morse Principal Stephanie Zendler concurs, adding, “Mr. Segovia, as a classroom teacher is dynamic, flexible, and above all devoted to the success of his students and their families. Mr. Segovia embodies the ‘Whatever it Takes’ motto at Morse in word and in deed.”

As his reward for this accolade, Suburban Collection General Manager Bart Debrow was on hand Wednesday to tell Segovia he would be getting a new car to drive for the next couple of years.

On hand for the picture taking after the presentation, were the three Troy High students, Megan Wallace, Madelyn Young and Sara Lewandowksi, with nothing but fond memories of having been in Mr. Segovia’s second grade class.

“He was one of the most impassioned teacher I ever had, He had the ability to make learning fun. He really does see the potential in everyone.” Madelyn noted.

Troy Schools also announced two other outstanding Teachers of the Year last Wednesday.

Katy Stanley, math and social studies teacher at Larson Middle School, was named TSD Middle School Teacher of the Year. Stanley was praised by parents for connecting with every student and creating an atmosphere that made students feel very comfortable asking for help, both with school work and with social pressures. It was that environment she created, parents said, that helped students master the material, some for the first time. As her family and colleagues looked on, Stanley was presented with a $500 check from the Troy Foundation for Educational Excellence.

Stacie Klumpp, a math teacher at Athens High School, was named TSD High School Teacher of the Year. Klumpp was praised for her willingness to go above and beyond for any student. Parent Lori Sweeney says, “Stacie gives of herself in so many ways; coming to school early, staying late, tutoring students, and communicating with parents, all to make the personal connection with her students.”

Student Alyssa Blanchard says that for the first time, a difficult subject became easy for her, “Mrs. Klumpp soon enough became more than a teacher to me. She was my counselor, mentor, coach, and, most importantly, my friend. She is filled with joy, happiness and love.” Mrs. Klumpp’s family and colleagues were on hand as she was also presented with a $500 check from the Troy Foundation for Educational Excellence.

“We have so many phenomenal teachers in the Troy School District and out of all of our nominations from students, parents and colleagues, these three rose to the top,” said Superintendent Dr. Richard Machesky. “They each do a tremendous job of building a world class learning environment in their classrooms and it’s clear that they have a tremendous impact on those around them. Ed, Katy and Stacie bring with them a passion for learning that they pass on to their students. We are extremely proud to have them represent the Troy School District as our Outstanding Teachers of the Year.”