Everything Was Up for Grabs This Week

police rochester


WASN’T THERE A MOVIE ABOUT THIS KIND OF ROBBERY? Deputies responded to a Breaking and Entering at the PNC Bank located on Walton Blvd. A Diebold employee had been dispatched to service the ATM which is located in a drive through island accessed by a tunnel from inside the bank. The Diebold employee discovered that an air conditioning unit in the island had been forcibly removed, allowing acess to the service stairway and the ATM. Plywood was then placed over the opening. Locking mechanism and hinges of the ATM were severed with a cutting torch. Five cassettes, approximately, $50,000 was taken. The FBI was notified. Surveillance video yielded a description of the masked suspects,

WELL, SHE HAD THE RIGHT IDEA. Officer dispatched to Ulta store where suspect had come into the store turning herself in with a bag of items she had previously stolen. The items were make-up totaling $390.00. Manager said she had seen the suspect conceal items in her purse and purchase other items. One of the other managers was able to get her license number. Suspect, 17 years-old, then returned to the store about 5:00 with the items she admitted taking. She said she wanted to apologize and bring all the stolen items back. Manager called the police. Officer said suspect stated when she left the store, she had an “aha” moment and decided this is not the person she wanted to be. She knew there would be consequences.

WHAT DID THEY DO WITH IT? Officer dispatched for a larceny complaint. Foreman stated he and his crew work  for a firm that pours basement walls and had set up their forms at a job location. When they returned the next day  they discovered several of the aluminum forms were missing. Officer was advised to call the office to discern the value of the stolen items.

BE ALERT WHEREVER YOU ARE. During the Homecoming dance a 17 year-old reported that her pink Michael Kors purse was missing from where she left it. That’s the key point; she shouldn’t have left it. After the dance the officer recovered the purse in the men’s bathroom. The ID in the purse was the student’s. Missing was $36.00 and her Apple iPhone charger cord.

WHAT A HASSLE. Officer dispatched to the Salvation Army Store parking lot where victim stated that during the approximately 20 minutes she was in the store, somebody stole the license off of her blue 2010 PT Cruiser. They stole the screws holding the plate as well. Victim had not observed anyone around the vehicle. Officer made the report and advised the victim to go directly to the Secretary of State office and get a new license plate.

THIS TRUSTING SOUL IS SMARTER NOW. Victim reported her car was parked in the lot near the play area in Borden Park for about four hours on a beautiful late Summer afternoon. When she returned to her car her silver Apple MacBook Air was gone. It had been on the passenger seat of the unlocked vehicle. A couple of weeks later she received an alert from Apple that her iTunes account was accessed.

NOT MUCH LONGER; THIS ELECTION NONSENSE WILL BE OVER. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills address where victim stated that overnight someone stole two TRUMP political signs from his front yard and also damaged his mailbox and its support post. Damage valued at $200. Unknown value of the signs.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537-3630.