SHELBY, UTICA, MACOMB: Goose Cut Loose from Fishing Line, Free Bird



■ FORE! Shelby Township Police responded to the 4700 block of Van Dyke. Caller said someone was hitting golf balls into the parking lot and at least one vehicle had a broken windshield. Police located two men hitting golf balls at a nearby residence. No victim was identified at the time.

BROKEN WINDOW, STOLEN PURSE. Utica Police were dispatched to a gym on Schoenherr rd for a Larceny from Auto in progress. The victim’s car window had been broken out and her purse was taken. Using eye-witness accounts, police located a vehicle matching the description of the subject and initiated a stop. At first, the suspect tried to drive away but was blocked in by two patrol cars. Officers approached the vehicle with weapons drawn and physically removed the suspect from the vehicle. Upon arrest, they asked the suspect if he knew why he was being arrested. He said, “yes, I broke into a car and stole a purse. I am here visiting my father in the hospital and I ran out of money.” The victim’s belongings were returned. It is always encouraged to not keep valuable items in unattended vehicles, and to keep them out of plain sight.

SCREAMING MATCH OVER LAUNDRY. Caller notified police that four or five men were yelling in their apartment hallway. The argument started over the building washing machine being used. Police advised them to call management over issues with washing dirty clothes in the washer.

GOOSE CUT FREE FROM FISHING LINE. Shelby Township Police responded to Crystal Lake on reports of a goose tangled up in fishing line. Reports say the goose could barely move because of line. The animal was cut free from the fishing line, although they were unable to rid a small piece from its left leg. According to the report, “Goose flew across lake and was hanging with his other goose buddies upon officer’s departure.”

BAR FIGHT, CREEP FLEES THE SCENE. Utica Police were dispatched to a downtown bar on reports of a fight. Upon arrival, the officer was directed to a group on the sidewalk, who scattered upon seeing police. One man was pointed out to police but they were unable to locate the suspect. The victim told police that the suspect was sexually harassing and groping his girlfriend and her friends at the bar and when confronted, punched the victim in the face. The suspect was later identified and police visited his listed residence, but he was not home at the time.

CALLED 911 FOR A RIDE. Shelby Township Police responded to an older male trying to flag down cars on 25 and Mound, asking them for a ride to Hamtramck. The man called 911 to ask for a ride to Hamtramck from the police. Officers knew the subject and contacted his family and were able to transport him home.

CIGARS ARE STILL LEGAL. Caller alerted police of a suspicious vehicle parked after-hours in a park. Police located the vehicle and spoke with the occupants, who said they were smoking a cigar and hanging out. The responding officer sent them on their way and advised them about park hours.

NOT THE BEST PLACE TO HANG OUT. Police arrived at M-53 and 24 Mile rd on reports of kids playing in the drain that is in the median of the freeway. They located three juveniles under a bridge hanging out. The officer advised the kids that it was not a good place to hang. The children were respectful and apologized.

OLD DIRTY CAR PARKED, NOT A CRIME. Caller notified police that a suspicious vehicle was parked across from her house when she came home. She drove around for a while and when she returned to her house, the vehicle was parked about six houses down. The caller described the car as older, and very dirty, and believed it was occupied by one male. It was so dirty that the caller could not identify the color of the vehicle. Police located the vehicle and it was legally parked.

■ JUST NEEDED A RIDE HOME. Police responded to a gas station at 23 Mile Road where a woman was asking customers for a ride. She asked one customer to call her an Uber. The woman says she was shopping at Walmart and missed her bus. Police transported her home.

■ STOP SMOKING IN THE PARKING LOT. Utica Police dispatch received a call from a resident at a Hall road apartment complex. The caller reported a vehicle occupied by two subjects in the parking lot. The caller is known to the department and has reported numerous suspicious activities in the parking lot which have led to drug and drunk driving arrests. Upon arrival, police located the vehicle and while approaching it, detected the smell of marijuana. The responding officer arrested the two subjects and recovered a total of ten grams of marijuana. One of the subjects had been arrested two months ago for the same crime, in the same parking lot.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes, or any other offenses, please call the Macomb County Sheriff at 586-469-5151.