Getting a Jump Start on Spring Selling by Making the Holidays Warm


If you’re planning on selling your home in the spring, did you know that you could get a jump start on prepping your home to show while warming up the holidays at the same time? Any kind of work is a lot more fun if it’s done in the spirit of the holidays. And your family can go the extra mile during the season of giving by clearing out the clutter and donating your extras to charitable causes.

Imagine how good your family will feel knowing that they are warming up the holidays for others by gifting gently used hats, gloves, coats, and blankets to families in need. Now is also a perfect time to donate ornaments, dishes, and décor that you no longer use. You can add some sparkle to the lives of others and have much less to pack when it’s time to move into your new home!

Getting Your Charitable Donations Organized and Ready to Go

Let your family in on the plan, and talk to the kids (if you have them) about the importance of giving back all year round – but especially during the holiday season. This should make them a little more excited about pitching in to round up donatable items.

Start with the basement and attic, and talk about the treasures that you might find. This activity presents a great opportunity to share memories that you’ve created as a family, and to talk about the great times ahead in the new house.

Once you start collecting items to donate, separate everything into piles. Organizing your donations will make things a lot easier when you get them to their intended destination. Also, if you plan to itemize your tax return, keeping track of your charitable donations should give your refund a nice boost.

Next, put your things to give in boxes, according to their types, and label them. Remember to pack breakable items with care, using old newspapers or another type of packing material to keep them safe. Here’s a tip: Ask someone from a local party store if they have extra boxes used for shipping wine or spirits. These boxes are typically divided, so they make great vessels for glasses, vases, and figurines. Of course, you can also use this trick when you’re moving your own precious items in the spring!

Once your family’s donations are packed and ready to go, the real fun begins. First, you get to enjoy your newly cleared spaces and imagine how great your home will look for showings. Then, you get to pick an awesome cause to help out during this most wonderful time of the year.

Choosing Your Holiday Cause

You can always donate your things to the Red Cross or local women’s shelter. Both of these places are happy to receive and distribute gently used items during the holidays – and throughout the year. Or, if you want to get a little more specific, ask around about a family in need. Many families who’ve recently lost their houses or gone through some other kind of emergency work with churches and other groups in order to get the things you need. By contacting such a group, you can give anonymously if you choose, but your family’s holiday will be brighter because they’ll know that they’ve made a difference.

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