It’s Spring Time — Watch the Road for Animals

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•    CANDLES ARE CERTAINLY AS DANGEROUS AS SMOKING. Authorities responded to a Kensington Dr. apartment building. where heavy smoke and flames were coming from a second story window. A victim who had jumped from the second-story window was transported to Crittenton Hospital for smoke inhalation and a back injury. She indicated to investigators that a Kleenex box next to a burning candle caused the fire.

•    NO NATURAL ENEMIES. A sheriff was alerted to an injured deer in the road. Hit by a car, but still alive, the animal was in obvious distress. Officer mercifully killed the animal. It’s getting to be Spring and the deer are moving around. Please take extra care while driving.

•    HERE’S AN ODD FAMILY RULE. Called to an incident of domestic violence. One detective chose to speak to the son, while another questioned the parents. Son said family rule was each kid could pick a day not to go to school.  It happened that neither sister or brother wanted to go that day.  Father insisted son go to school and fight ensued between the two, mother tried to calm them. Didn’t work. Son continued the assault, physically and verbally, saying he wished “they were dead.” He was also throwing things. Son was placed under arrest and charged with domestic assault.

•    IT’S EVEN MORE SCAREY WHEN YOU STILL HAVE YOUR CARD. Complainant alerted to a problem after noticing her account was overdrawn because of an unauthorized transaction at Lowe’s for $775.41. She notified her bank and closed the account. She still had her card.

•    HE WAS TRYING TO BE A GOOD SON. Victim rented a car to make the trip from Traverse City to visit his ailing mother. He locked the car when he retired for the evening at the Red Roof Inn. Leaving the next morning, the car’s trunk was open and the spare tire and jack were missing. Odd thing was, there was no sign of forced entry.

•    OH PLEASE, you have nothing better to do than spray paint signs at the Pine Grove Shelter in Bloomer Park? What kind of thrill is that?

•    IT WAS REALLY WINDY A FEW DAYS AGO, and in Village Circle several carport posts broke smashing into multiple parked cars, also bringing down wires into the parking lot. Electrical power to the area was shut off and officers identified car owners.

•    AT THIS SENIOR LIVING FACILITY, a 93-yr.old resident reported that three statues she kept outside her door,  for which she had paid $1,000 40 years ago in Italy, were missing. After notifying the staff, she called police. One was found on another floor and the staff was alerted to keep an eye out for the missing property. Manager postured that it was possibly a resident suffering with dementia that might have done the deed.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537-3630.