Lake St. Clair Town Hall, Packed House of Concerned Residents

On Monday, several local officials, including State Rep. Pete Lucido of Shelby Township and Macomb Township trustee Tim Bussineau, welcomed roughly 300 local residents at a town hall on water quality concerns in Lake St. Clair.

Those in attendance included waterfront businesses, homeowners, and concerned citizens from nearly every community in Macomb County. Residents had the opportunity to ask questions and hear responses from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Macomb County Health Department.

Rep. Lucido was on hand to facilitate the discussion and emphasize his concerns about the local beaches.

“For decades we have faced complaints by businesses, homeowners, and those who come to enjoy Lake St. Clair. Unfortunately, they have not been able to utilize our public and private beaches due to debris, toxic smells and sewage in the water. It’s time to get answers,” Lucido said.

Most of the conversation revolved around what is being done to prevent sewage and organic material from entering the drainage basin for Lake St. Clair.

“There is a lot more that these departments should be doing to protect one of the most valuable waterways in the Great Lakes,” Lucido said. “First and foremost, we need to protect the drinking water for millions who depend on this source. Without Lake St. Clair, our state will lose out on millions of dollars from shipping, tourism and recreational activity.”

Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller was also present to discuss updates on the Fraser sinkhole and what the county is doing to prevent raw sewage from discharging into Lake St. Clair.

Macomb Township trustee Tim Bussineau said of the meeting, “This is a very important regional issue. Great to see all the state and local leaders that attended, special thanks to our public works commissioner Candice Miller who was there to answer resident’s questions.”

For more information on the town hall, including a full video of the event, and to stay up to date on efforts to protect water quality in the lake, follow “Save Lake St. Clair” on Facebook. You can also contact Rep. Lucido’s legislative office by phone at 888-MICH-REP, or by email at