Macomb Township Board Censures Trustee Bucci


The Macomb Township Board of Trustees issued a censure resolution at Tuesday’s meeting against Trustee Dino Bucci, who was recently indicted on 18 counts involving pay-to-play corruption in Macomb County.

Clerk Kristi Pozzi introduced the resolution, saying, “At the last meeting, we were provided with statutes that indicated what we could not do as a board in response to the 18 count indictment against Trustee Bucci, but we were never given options as to what we can or should do.”

Pozzi said she was uncertain at the last meeting as to what could be done, so she reached out to neighboring township clerks as well as the Michigan Township Association attorney for advice, and learned that a censure resolution was recommended.

“Although we know we can not force him to resign or remove him from office, we can censure him,” Pozzi said. “It is our responsibility to profess to the residents and to the employees of Macomb Township that this behavior is inappropriate, unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Pozzi then read the censure resolution, which slams Bucci’s actions for bringing “ridicule and embarrassment to the township board and citizens.”

The censure resolution passed unanimously. While Supervisor Dunn hesitatingly voted yes, she seemed to take exception to the way in which the resolution was presented.

“Ms. Pozzi, we had meetings on Monday and we had meetings on Tuesday and this was not discussed,” Dunn said.

“Correct,” Pozzi responded.

“And you bring it to me now…”

“Yes, madam Supervisor. I have found that when I have discussed things previously, it hasn’t worked out in my favor,” Pozzi said, which received a round of applause from the audience. “I also have been working with two township clerks into the late hour of today to complete the resolution so that I could make sure it was correct the first time.”

During public comment, residents responded to the censure. One resident called it a “step in the right direction, but it’s not enough,” adding that he was disappointed with the Supervisor’s statement following the vote and would have liked to see the board vote to instruct their legal counsel to draft a letter to the governor requesting he remove Bucci from the board.

Another resident called it “disingenuous” that no one on the board knew what was going on with Bucci.

The Supervisor responded on the matter during her comments, saying, “As far as Mr. Bucci is concerned, that was an investigation that was being handled by the FBI. We were advised to cooperate fully with the FBI and not to talk about it.”

The next Macomb Township Board of Trustees meeting is set for Wednesday, December 20.