Make It a Priority to Learn How to Perform CPR


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•    AND A THIRD HOUSE FIRE THE NEXT DAY! Deputies and the Rochester Hills Fire Department responded to the 3000 block of South Boulevard for a residential structure fire. There were no reported injuries and the fire was contained to the attic of the building. An Oakland County Sheriff’s Ofice Fire Investigator responded for a cause and origin investigation which remain undetermined. Incident remains under investigation.

•    SOMETIMES LANGUAGE CAN MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT. Complainant said he was traveling north on Rochester Rd. behind a black Mercedes. At a light, male driver of Mercedes motioned for victim to follow him.. Victim speaks very little English and officer requested help wtih translating. Victim exits his vehicle in the parking lot of a fast casual restaurant at Auburn and Rochester Rd. Mercedes driver started yelling and pushed victim to the ground. Girlfriend told Mercedes driver to get in the car, which he did and they left before police could arrive. Victim said suspect was angry because he felt victim was following him too closely. Officer did observe bruising on the hand and arm of victim who declined medical attention.

•    EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW CPR. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills address where they administered CPR to a woman in distress. Victim’s husbands stated his wife wasn’t feeling well and had ringing in her ears. She went back to bed, he sat in the next room and listened to her breathing for several hours. Noticing some long breaths he went into the room and when she stopped breathing he called 911. When Rochester Hills Fire Department took over CPR, deputy proceeded to talk to the husband who inquired if his wife was dead. Officer said they had a pulse. Husband indicated he had paperwork indicating wife did not want to be saved by extraoridinary measures.” He produced the documentation. Transported to Crittenton Hospital, the wife survived.

•    ABSOLUTELY BE ON THE LOOKOUT. Citizen reported that a silver Dodge Caravan was driving erratically, crossing the median and back and forth on the roadway and the median. Officer located driver travelling eastbound on Avon towards Rochester Rd. Deputy located vehicle in the Comerica Parking lot and observed driver outside of the vehicle urinating in the parking lot. Suspect was swaying back and forth and unable to balance. Suspects eyes were glazed and his speech was slurred. When deputy inquired how much he had had to drink, he replied “a little wine.” Suspect then stated he had “been at a football game in Fraser, and had three beers.” Victim could not finish field sobriety tests. When asked where he lived, suspect replied “Fort Gratiot.” when asked if he knew where he was, he replied, “No.” A plastic Desani bottle was located in the front center cup holder with yellow liquied smelling like intoxicants in it. An empty bottle of Sutter Home Chrdonnay was on front passenger seat. Suspect was placed under arrest and handcuffed for Operating Under the Influence.

•    DON’T THINK YOU AREN’T BEING OBSERVED. Dispatched to Meijer where Loss Prevention Officer had observed suspect select a bottle of Remy Martin Cognac and leave the liquor area. In the grocery department, he placed the bottle in his backpack and walked into the restroom. He exited the restroom and passed all points of purchase without offering payment for the item. Loss Prevention stopped him at the door. Suspect apologizd several times and said this was the first time he had ever stolen anything and it would be his last. Suspect was issued a citation for Retail Fraud Under $200 and released.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537-3630.