Make Your New Year’s Resolution To Be Cleaner and Healthier!

Yes, it is that time of the year to make resolutions. It is also that time of year to evaluate the importance of your health. Good dental health equates to an average of two dental cleanings per year. You may ask “what is the importance of dental cleaning?” This article will guide you to determine what you should be expecting when seeking great dental healthcare in the new year.

Twice a year we visit the dentist and have our teeth cleaned by a hygienist for about forty-five minutes to an hour and leave either with another appointment with the doctor and/or hygienist. What are they really doing in that hour?

Initially, your medical history is updated and reviewed. This is important to recognize and note any medical conditions, medications, and or any allergies that you may have.

Many medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy abnormalities, and kidney disease can be correlated to an individual’s oral healthcare. It is important for any healthcare provider to be aware of all of this information in order to take precautions and make recommendations when performing procedures.

Next, the hygienist and/or doctor will take check-up x-rays if necessary. This provides information regarding the health of your teeth and gums. Decay, gum disease, and bone health are among the few items that are evaluated when observing an x-ray.

The hygienist then performs an oral cancer and head and neck exam, viewing and feeling such structures such as lymph nodes, saliva glands, TMJ joints, and intra-oral structures (inside the mouth).

Often times, offices will have a special camera and video monitor which will capture these structures so that you, the patient, can also view your month. The information obtained during this part of the dental visit provides a visual explanation of much of your recommended dental treatment. A picture is worth a thousand words!

The hygienist will then clean and polish the teeth followed by home care instructions for the patient. Home care instructions may include the proper manner to brush, floss, deplaque the tongue. She or he may also recommend or provide instruments and aides to achieve great home care.

An in-office fluoride treatment may be recommended for the teeth. A fluoride treatment will help to remineralize tooth structure which will provide stronger and healthier teeth. Any questions or concerns that you, the patient, may have should be addressed at this time.

All of this information is then relayed to the dentist who performs a comprehensive exam for the patient. The dentist compiles and evaluates all of the information that has been gathered. A treatment plan or plans may be presented to the patient. You, the patient, should also have the opportunity to ask the doctor any questions or concerns that you may have.

A dental check-up should be a pleasant and educational experience for you. So, this season, give yourself the gift of a cleaner, healthier and brighter smile of a routine dental appointment!

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