Neighbors Help to Save Historic Utica Home

The MaGuill House is located at 45236 Cass Avenue in Utica’s historical district. The home was built in 1850 and stands as a testament to Michigan’s past, but it needs improvements to continue into the future.

The brick colored paint is chipping off the stately Gothic Revival style house. The exterior is under distress and needs immediate repair.

The house is owned by one of Utica’s senior residents, Mrs. Helen Kent. She has lived in the city for 50 years. Due to the expense of historic preservation and the urgency of the building condition, Mrs. Kent does not have the funding necessary to save her home.

Although she has no living relatives to assist her, a group of neighbors has been helping Mrs. Kent make improvements. They have gathered quotes to determine an additional $5000 is needed to bring the historic building back to its prime condition.

To save MaGuill House, they’ve started a GoFundMe page.

Mayor Thom Dionne said of the restoration, “A great example of neighbors helping neighbors! Love when our community comes together to support one another!”

Neil Taylor opened the fundraiser online. “Utica is a wonderful city to live in with a true small town feel,” he said in the description of the project. “Help us keep it for the next generation.”

To contribute to the MaGuill House Restoration effort, visit

— Elena Durnbaugh