New Cookie Dough Bar in Downtown Rochester


The former Krazy Greek Restaurant in Downtown Rochester is now Oakland County’s very first cookie dough bar.

Following months of anticipation, Dinos Cookie Dough Bar opened to much fanfare on Friday, September 7, just in time to catch the Art and Apples festival crowd. The new business offers 16 flavors of cookie dough, 16 flavors of ice cream, and an assortment of toppings in a quick-service style eatery.

The Prapas family, who previously owned Krazy Greek Restaurant, decided to close the 43-year-old restaurant and re-open as Dinos Cookie Dough Bar in an effort to capitalize on the trendy nature of cookie dough bars.

“We closed down because we wanted to change what we were doing and we wanted to do something that would be more fun and exciting,” Dinos Prapas told the Gazette in June. “It’s different than opening another ice cream shop. This is the first of its kind around here, so there’s a huge opportunity to get creative with it.”

The Prapas family invested almost $300,000 to install new plumbing, ceilings, floors and equipment into the new cookie dough bar. Dinos remains the same size of Krazy Greek at 1,500 square feet.

Available cookie dough flavors include butterfinger, chocolate chip (with a gluten-free option), white chocolate with macadamia nut, KETO cocoa nibs, funfetti, english toffee, coconut cream cheese and Snickers, among others.

Pricing options include one scoop ($4), two scoops ($7) and three scoops ($9).

In a video posted to Facebook, Dino Prapas thanked the public for being patient while renovations were being completed through the summer.

“Shout out to everybody who supported me the whole way,” he said. “When you come in and see the place, taste the product and see how it’s done, hopefully you’ll understand why it took us so long to get this place opened.”

“I wanted to make sure it was perfect,” he continued. “And I wanted to make sure it was a great place for everybody to come and have fun with their kids and enjoy some cookie dough.”

Dinos Cookie Dough Bar is located at 111 E. University Road. Store hours of operations are noon – 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday. For more information, visit