O’Donnell Announces Campaign Kickoff Event for Utica City Council Run

Utica resident Brad O’Donnell has invited the city to celebrate his city council campaign kickoff– and his birthday– with him on April 2.

“The City of Utica needs fresh blood,” said O’Donnell, who is turning 29.

“Utica is at a crossroads, and we are going to need strong leadership to set the city straight.”

O’Donnell is concerned about the city budget and quality of life issues. He said Utica’s long-term revenues don’t cover its long-term expenses, and that has a negative impact on neighborhoods.

The candidate is a homeowner who currently serves on the Utica Planning Commission. He graduated with a degree from Central Michigan University and works in the technology industry.

And the mayor is throwing his support behind O’Donnell, calling him “young, intelligent, well-read, and eager to get involved.”

“I like him very much for council,” Utica Mayor Thom Dionne told the Gazette. “The city of Utica will benefit from Brad’s enthusiasm and drive.”

The April 2 event is doubling as a fundraiser. In lieu of birthday gifts, O’Donnell is asking attendees to donate $29 to his campaign. Utica residents are encouraged to attend and meet O’Donnell in person. The event is being held on Monday, April 2, from 6-8 p.m. at Muldoon’s in downtown Utica. To learn more about Brad O’Donnell and his campaign, visit bradodonnell.com.

— Elena Durnbaugh