POLICE PATROL: Don’t take your guns to town without a CPL

NO PERMIT, NO GUN – It was midnight when this Rochester Officer was enforcing speed on N Main St. near Olde Towne. The officer observed a black Dodge Charger traveling northbound on Main at a speed of 40 that then increased to 42 in the posted 25 mph zone. The officer caught up to the car and completed a traffic stop near Main and North Lane. The officer spoke with the driver, a man from Austell, Georgia and discovered that he was carrying a registered weapon without his permit. The driver was temporarily held and given tickets for speeding and failing to possess a CPL while carrying a concealed weapon and released.

STOP SIGNS ARE MORE THAN SUGGESTIONS – It was just before 2 a.m. when a Rochester Officer was performing selective enforcement at the intersection of Walnut and Third for stop sign violators. The officer was in a fully marked patrol vehicle, located on Third St, near Pine when they observed a vehicle exit parking lot 4, proceed northbound on Walnut through Third, and disregard the stop sign at that intersection. The officer conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, a woman from Washington Township. An odor of intoxicants was detected coming from the vehicle and the officer conducted field sobriety tasks. The driver failed them and took a PBT with a result of .11% BAC. The driver was arrested for OWI and taken to the Rochester Police Department where she was given a data master breath test with the result of .13 BAC twice. She was booked and processed and held until sober. A ticket of OWI was written to Driver.

SAME DAY, SAME TIME – While on uniformed patrol in the City of Rochester, an officer was monitoring the four-way stop intersection at Walnut St and W Second St. The officer observed a vehicle run the stop sign on southbound Walnut St and turn left onto eastbound W Second St without stopping. The officer initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle and the vehicle pulled into the parking lot of the Mobil gas station on S Main St at Diversion St. The officer made contact with the driver, a woman from Macomb and could smell an odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle. Several field sobriety tasks were conducted, and the driver failed them. A PBT was given to the driver and the result was .12% BAC. She was arrested for OWI, taken to the Rochester Police Department and given a data master breath test. That result was .13% BAC twice. She was booked and processed and held until sober. A ticket of OWI was written to the driver.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes, call the Rochester Police Department at 248-651-9621 or the OCSO Rochester Hills Substation at 248-537-3530.