POLICE PATROL: Loss Prevention Departments Busied by Shoplifters


NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS OR SPEEDING IN LETHAL WRECK. Deputies responded to an area of Tienken Rd. for a personal injury accident. A 51 year-old male driving a 2001 Ford Explorer westbound apparently suffered a medical issue that caused him to run off the road and collide with a tree at a very slow speed. The driver was transported to Crittenton Hospital and was pronounced deceased. It was not known whether he was wearing a seatbelt. A 15 year-old passenger, wearing a seatbelt, was not injured.

DID SHE THINK NO ONE WOULD NOTICE? Officer dispatched to Bed Bath & Beyond, where Loss Prevention said a woman had entered the store with an empty cart, filled it and proceeded to the checkout where she only paid for a large mirror. She then exited the store without paying for the other merchandise and was stopped at the door by Loss Prevention. While he was taking inventory of the items in the cart, the suspect fled. She didn’t even take her mirror.

HE WAS DEFINITELY THIRSTY. Officer responded to Home Depot concerning a potential shoplifter identified by Loss Prevention (LP). Store Officer said he had stopped the subject after observing him roam the store for 1.5 hours. LP said suspect initially took a soda which he drank as he went through the store. He removed a pair of work gloves from the packaging and put them in his back pocket. He then took a pair of carpet scissors and razor blades before he moved to the front of the store where he pocketed several snack items and a couple of bottles of Gatorade before exiting the store. Total value of the items was $60.75, all of which were able to be restocked except the soda. Subject said he was sorry and this was not in his character. He was arrested and transported to the Rochester substation for finger printing.

ANOTHER VARIETY OF IDENTITY THEFT. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills residence for fraud report. Caller said he was advised by his insurance company North Western Mutual that the Social Security Administration had contacted them advising that he was deceased as of 11/22/16. Victim called the Social Security Administration who advised an unknown suspect signed a death certificate from an unknown funeral home attempting to claim death benefits. Victim was advised to file a police report.

LACK OF COMMUNICATION SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY. A Troy realtor came to the substation to report that she had shown a home for rent in Rochester for her company. She gave the potential renter paperwork and met with her again at the residence, where the renter provided her with the completed paperwork and a check from her partner, who would also be residing at the address. The check for $2700 bounced and the renter said that cash would be provided. The real estate company was told that the account had been closed and the funds $22,030.42 transferred to another account. The eviction process has been started due to nonpayment of the agreed upon rent.

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO. Woman entered the substation to report miscellaneous destruction of property report, the responsible party being her ex-boyfriend. She stated he arrived at her front door unannounced. She said she had dated him for about three months but they had broken up about two months ago. When he knocked at the door, she yelled through the door to go away, that he was not welcome. She watched through her window as he left the porch and went over to her car, a 2002 red Honda, where he threw dirt and snow on her passenger window. He then kicked and dented the driver and passenger doors, spit on the driveway and gave her the middle finger. Suspect does not have a Michigan driver’s license and his last known address was Mesa, Arizona.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537- 3630.