Prescription Drug Impairment Is Still a Crime

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A RANDOM BURGLARY? Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills residence for  report of a home invasion. Victim informed officer someone had smashed in his glass door wall sometime during the workday and stole three one-ounce American Gold Eagle coins, valued at $1500 each and four men’s watches (Movado, Invicta, Burberry, and Ducati — valued over $3500, no serial numbers available). Investigation shows glass door wall broken by unknown object. Doors and drawers through out the house opened and contents rifled. No surveillance system. Residence is the only house on a dead end street.

THE WORST KIND OF THEFT. Victim stated he received a text message stating his Chase bank account was compromised and he needed to verify his account information. Victim believed the message and complied with the request. Within 24 hrs. of his action, $15,000 was transferred from his savings account to his checking account. Two fraudulent purchases were made through Apple On Line totaling $18,000 in California.. He contacted Chase and cancelled the accounts.

NOT ALL AT ONCE … Deputies and Rochester Hills Fire Department were dispatched to a Plum Ridge residence in Rochester Hills for a possible overdose. CPR was in progress. Upon arrival, paramedics pronounced victim deceased. The victim’s mother and step-brother were on the scene and advised that the he had just been released from jail that morning and had possibly overdosed on medication prescribed to him. They advised that the victim had a history of prescription drug abuse.

YOU CAN’T CHOOSE YOUR NEIGHBORS. Victim stated she woke up for church on this Sunday and observed her new neighbor  throwing green goose feces on the trunk lid of her vehicle. She further stated the new neighbor has caused verbal arguments with her since moving in three months ago. Victim drove vehicle to the car wash to have feces removed before the paint was damaged. She was advised by her attorney to make a report to document the incident.

iPHONES ARE PRIME TARGETS. Officer dispatched to 5/3 Bank on Rochester Rd. Complainant stated she had been at the bank to conduct  business and left her gold iPhone 6s at one of two places in the bank. When she realized it was missing, she returned to the bank about 15 minutes later and the phone was gone. Officer was told bank manager would not be in for a couple of days to review the surveillance tape. Several days later victim and her husband came into the substation to make an inquiry as to the status of the tape and … the phone. Case is under investigation.

WHO WOULD THINK UP THIS STUFF? Officer dispatched to a residential address where victim stated she left her house and accelerated when she noticed some large rocks in the road. She tried to avoid them but was unsuccessful, lodging a particularly large one underneath her car. She turned her car around and it was dislodged, but now her vehicle was making a loud noise. Officer observed there had been road work done recently leaving large rocks and lumps of clay. Some of these were lined up across the road along with a large tree branch, obviously with malicious intent. While victim was outside with her car an older Ford with four minors pulled up and asked what happened and drove away. Damage to the car was estimated at $2085.


Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537-3630.