RCS Teacher Pleads Not Guilty to Sexual Conduct

An ex-special education teacher at Rochester High School was arraigned last week for six counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving two students under 18.

Rochester Community Schools fired Kathryn Houghtailing, 26, early last week after the district was alerted of her impending arraignment on Friday, January 11. Houghtailing pleaded not guilty to all counts, each of which are punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office says Houghtailing admitted to having sex with two students ages 16 and 17 after being confronted about a video showing the teacher “partying” with students. Alcohol and marijuana were involved, according to an Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy.

Only one of the two students was assigned to Houghtailing’s classroom where she teaches special education.

Houghtailing’s attorney Zachary Glaza told Judge Lisa Asadoorian on Friday that the student was in the classroom for a reading deficiency, and insisted his client was not taking advantage of an incapacity.

One incident between Houghtailing and a student reportedly took place inside a car with other students present, a police detective told the court, while another was at a student’s home.