Relationship Issues On the Blotter This Week

Layout 1•       HOMEOWNER’S SON BROKE UP WITH THE LADY A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, and she wouldn’t let the relationship be done. During this incident, she destroyed lawn furniture, a barbecue, and significant statuary in the homeowners yard. The 19-yr.old had a PPO against the responsible for a prior Domestic Violence. The 18-yr.old female vowed to “finish the job” at the time of her arrest. Breaking out the home’s windows was a goal. Victim said he had no choice but to prosecute in this instance since responsible had been warned to stay away from the home on several occasions.

•     WHAT AN AWFUL SHOCK! Caller to Sheriff’s Dept. said he returned home from a trip to the bank to find his wife on the bed with an apparent gunshot wound to the chest. An investigation of the death is underway.

•      WE’LL REMIND YOU AGAIN; ESPECIALLY THE LARGER RETAIL OUTLETS HAVE EYES EVERYWHERE. These two brothers concealed merchandise under their clothes as they traversed the store. Loss prevention was watching and, when they went to exit without paying, stopped them. Whereupon both took off running across the parking lot. One was stopped and returned to the store, the other apprehended a short time later. Both were cited for Retail Fraud Theft 2nd Degree.

•     HER NEW CREDIT CARD WAS WAS OLD NEWS TO SOMEBODY. She called the issuing company to find out how to pay her new credit card bill on line after receiving her first statement. She was directed to the fraud department and informed they wanted to check on a charge. She had never been called or contacted by anyone at the company, yet someone had used her card number to make fraudulent charges in excess of over $8000. in the course of five days in Arizona/Texas/Illinois/Indiana/Michigan. Good thing she called them.

•     A CRAIG’S LIST DEAL GONE VERY BAD. Victim explained he placed a brand new iPhone 6s on Craigslist for $650. Buyer agreed to meet him in front of the bank. Buyer was 35 minutes late and called saying he couldn’t find the bank and suggested another location in the same shopping center. Victim handed buyer the phone and was handed an envelope of money. Buyer promptly took off running and victim discovered 20 $1 bills in the envelope. So much for their “gentleman’s agreement.”

•     BE VERY CAREFUL WHERE YOU LEAVE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Complainant reported that an unknown used his social security number to file a fraudulent 2015 tax return with the IRS. When complainant filed his tax return around the first of February, it was rejected. The IRS identity theft division has had an alert placed with the credit bureaus.

•    NOT EXACTLY A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN. Officers stated they had been to this house several times in the past month. Front door doesn’t open, main entrance is in the rear. Officers met with the husband who stated his wife hit him in the arm with a hammer. He further stated she was  up all night searching the internet for “messiah and ISIS” type things. She  also broke his guitar in the bedroom and smashed her bong in the shower. Wife wanted him to buy her some headphones, as he attempted to leave, she jumped on his back tried to strangle him and hit him with the hammer 10-15 times. Deputies entered the house and were forced to kick down the bathroom door to arrest wife.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537-3630.