ROCHESTER: Dumped and Fired, Man Camps Out at Bloomer Park

Police Patrol



SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT. Officer on patrol going north on Rochester Rd. stopped at a light to turn left onto Tienken. Signal turned green for north and south bound traffic to make the left turn. The vehicle in front of officer (across the intersection) in the through lane proceeded through the red light. Officer had to brake while making his left turn to avoid hitting the tan Chrysler. Officer made a U-turn and initiated a traffic stop. Driver and only occupant produced a Michigan ID card and said her license was suspended. She said she was going home after helping her daughter paint. A LEIN check indicated her license was not only suspended, but she also had four outstanding warrants for her arrest. Officer followed her to a location where her boyfriend was advised to pick up her car before she was turned over to Shelby Twp. Police Department.

HE HAD A VERY BAD WEEK. Officer was dispatched to Bloomer Park where the Park Ranger took the officer deep into the woods to a campsite with a blue tent and supplies. Survival supplies included a hammer, axe, toilet paper and miscellaneous clothing, but was unoccupied. The officer and ranger went back to the site later in the day, still nobody there. Officer rummaged through the tent looking for ID. He only found clothing objects, toothbrush, toothpaste, hammer, marijuana pipe and fresh towels with a note stating “I love you and be strong,” wrapped around a Bible. He recommended the midnight shift check the site. They did not have an opportunity to do so. The original officer went back the next day about 9 a.m. to check the camp site and located an individual identified by his Michigan ID. Individual exited the tent from which there was emanating a strong smell of marijuana. He explained his girlfriend broke up with him and he also lost his job the previous week. He admitted to staying in the woods at least three days. Officer queried where suspect washed his clothes. He said he didn’t. Officer inquired where the fresh towels came from and suspect said he had ties in a nearby trailer camp, but wouldn’t name them. LEIN check indicated three outstanding warrants. Suspect transported to 52-3 for arraignment. Officer dismantled the campsite and stored items at the ranger station.

SHE STOPPED TRAFFIC. Officer dispatched to westbound M59 and Dequindre in response to 911 caller reporting a Range Rover swerving all over the road. Officer observed the vehicle traveling in the right two lanes at a very low rate of speed (under 50 m.p.h.) backing up traffic in all three lanes. Traffic stop initiated. Vehicle pulled off onto Squirrel Rd. exit, pulling into the far left lane, almost on the grass. Another patrol unit arrived acting as back-up and pulled in front of the vehicle to force a stop. The Range Rover continued to roll toward the patrol unit. First officer exited his vehicle and slapped the driver’s side window twice, ordering the driver to put the vehicle in Park. She put in reverse, and had to be ordered several times to stop the car. She said it was in park; it was still in reverse and she had to be talked thru the process of putting the vehicle in park and turning it off. Driver was slow and sluggish in her movements. Her eyes were glassy and an odor of intoxicants emanated from her. She indicated she was going to visit her mother. A red 16 oz. Solo cup was on the floor on the passenger side containing a red liquid. Driver indicated she didn’t know her level of education and was Diabetic. She admitted to having one drink with food several hours prior, but did not know the time at the traffic stop. She indicated the liquid in the Solo cup was wine and ginger ale. Because of her unsteady stance she was only administered a PBT which came back .252. Suspect was transported to the Oakland County jail awaiting the preliminary results of blood work.

HE DIDN’T GET FAR. Deputies and Rochester Hills Fire Department responded to a resident call for an assault in progress. The caller’s son, 16 years-old, had struck a female on the arm with a beer bottle and she was bleeding badly from the broken glass. The suspect fled on foot. Before the K- 9 unit could respond, deputies took the suspect into custody. Victim was transported to Troy Beaumont Hospital for treatment. Suspect was lodged at Oakland County Children’s Village pending a juvenile intake hearing.

BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU LET IN YOUR RESIDENCE. Deputies responded to Troy Beaumont Hospital on the report of a 31 year-old female sexual assault victim being treated in the Emergency Room. Upon arrival deputies spoke with the victim who indicated she met the suspect by way of social media and arranged to have him pick her up at her residence so they could go to a late night movie. The subject arrived at the victim’s apartment and she let him into her home. After a short conversation the subject attacked the victim and sexually assaulted her. Incident remains under investigation.

SHE KNEW THE DRILL. Officer dispatched to Rochester Meijer location where Loss Prevention (LP) observed suspect enter the business. LP recognized suspect as having stolen in the past . Suspect went to the Kids School Section where she retrieved two pair of pants and two shirts from the shelves. She then went to the kids shoe section and retrieved several pair of shoes. Taking the merchandise to the bedding department, she cut off the tags and placed them in Meijer bags she had with her. Suspect proceeded past the U-scan registers, removed a bathroom item from her cart and had conversation with the Uscan clerk. She left the bathroom item and proceeded to the exit without paying for the clothing items. Officer arrived and observed suspect in the parking lot. Suspect observed the officer moving toward her and began to walk away, between cars. After being ordered to stop, suspect continued to walk away at a quicker pace. She was again ordered to stop, but refused to comply. Officer quickly approached, grabbing her by the arm. She asked, “What do you want, I have a receipt for everything.” Suspect had a receipt for similar items dated a few days earlier. Items recovered had a value of $312.00. A check of the arrestee’s criminal history indicated four convictions for retail fraud. Arrestee would not answer questions or make a statement. Officer transported victim to the Oakland County Jail and confiscated the blue cloth Meijer bag and the fraudulent receipt.

SOMEBODY HAD IT OUT FOR HIM. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills residence where victim showed him a broken outside kitchen window and a 1995 Ford 250 truck with damage to driver and passenger windows and a 2004 Ford expedition with broken driver and passenger windows and body damage. Victim said everything was in order when he left for work at 9:00 a.m. At about 6:00 p.m. he was notified by two workmen at his home of the vandalism. When he got back to the property a little after midnight, he noted the damage which appeared to be from bricks thrown at the vehicles. Victim indicated he had no idea who the suspects might be.

KNOW WHEN TO CALL AN UBER. Officer dispatched to Orion and Rochester Rd. where caller reported a black Jeep travelling erratically at high speed. Vehicle exited into a subdivision, still travelling at high speed, disregarding stop signs and, without headlights. Officer activated his overhead lights and initiated a traffic stop. Approaching the driver side window, officer could smell intoxicants. Driver indicated he and his passenger had been at a birthday party and had consumed alcohol. He had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. The driver, a senior at Michigan State University, agreed to sobriety tests, which he performed poorly. Suspect was placed under arrest. Witness who made the report indicated he had seen the vehicle almost hit several cars travelling at a high rate of speed.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-651-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-858- 4951.