ROCHESTER: Hair Dryer Thief, If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late



■ MANY PHONES ON THIS ORDER. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills residence where the caller stated that her father-in-law was home with her children because school had been canceled on a snow day when a package was delivered by UPS. She opened the package to find two iPhone 7s and accompanying Sprint paperwork. She did not order the phones and does not have a Sprint account. She called Sprint and was informed that an account had been opened using her name, address, date of birth and social security number and five iPhones were ordered, but delivered on two different dates. The phones delivered by UPS were left on the porch on two different dates. There were no packages when she returned from work those days. She is in the process of completing Sprint fraud paperwork. Somebody got three phones!

■ YOU FORGOT IT? Officer dispatched to Hamlin Rd. business where owner stated a blue Magna Great Divide bicycle had been parked outside the business for 4-5 days. Bicycle, with no signs of ownership, was transported to the Oakland County Sheriff Property room.

■ CAUGHT IN THE ACT. Deputies responded to the 3000 block of Somerset Circle to assist Detectives from the City of Troy Police Department. Detectives were conducting surveillance on two suspects when they observed them in the act of stealing scaffolding from a residential construction site. They observed the suspects load the scaffolding into a pickup truck and drive away from the site. They initiated a stop in Troy. Detectives impounded the truck with the stolen property and transported the suspects to the Rochester Hills Substation. The two suspects were lodged in the Oakland County Jail pending the issuance of arrest warrants.

■ LOVE HURTS Officer dispatched to Hamlin Rd. residence in reference to a domestic assault. Arriving at the scene officers noted a Jeep attempting to back out of the driveway. They blocked the exit with their vehicle. The suspect exited the vehicle and it was noted his speech was slurred, eyes glassy and he was unsteady on his feet. There was an odor of intoxicants about him. He said he found out his girlfriend was possibly cheating on him. He became angry, threw things and pushed her on the couch after she swung at him. Making contact with the victim, the officer noted she was upset and intermittently crying as were her children. She said she was merely talking to a male friend when the argument started. She remained on a video chat throughout the assault until the suspect grabbed the phone and threw it on the floor. She then took the children and locked all in the bathroom. Though she said she had consumed some alcohol earlier, she was coherent and there was no odor of intoxicants. The suspect was arrested for domestic assault. The children were the victim’s. The two had been in a relationship for about five months.

■ SHE JUST TAKES WHAT SHE WANTS. Officer dispatched to Rochester Rd. Ulta for retail fraud. Loss Prevention stated that a white female entered the store and picked up a Dyson hair dryer off the shelf. She then went to another area of the store and removed it from the box and went to the restroom. She exited the restroom without the hair dryer in her hands. She then walked to the dry bar and headed to the front of the store where she made a purchase of the dry bar products for $143.10 and exited the store without paying for the hair dryer. The purchase was made with a credit card and Ulta rewards card. Officer collected video of the incident and attached a photo of the credit card holder from her driver’s license. The suspect has eight previous convictions for retail fraud. Officer made several attempts to reach suspect with no success. The suspect is on parole for a previous conviction.

■ NOT A BIG SURPRISE. Officer dispatched to Jax Car Wash on Rochester Rd. where complainant lost his wallet which was later returned to him with the cash missing. The complainant said his wallet must have fallen out of his pocket while he was cleaning his car. It had $1,300 in it and when it was returned, $700 was missing. He said he had to make a report because his wife would never believe that he lost the money. The manager said the wallet had been turned into the cashier by an unknown female customer. Mgr. said he located the customer by checking their database and went to his home and returned the wallet. Officer pulled a video of the customer who had merely vacuumed her car and not washed it.

■ THIS WAS ONE TRICKY THIEF. Asset Protection Mgr. from Home Depot came to the substation to report an embezzlement amounting to $1735. He said while investigating he discovered a new instance of embezzlement involving another employee. Complainant has video of the employee completing merchandise return transaction when no merchandise is present by running them through using an SKU for a product that is not there and issuing a store credit which he keeps. Complainant provided a USB drive containing video of all transactions.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248- 661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537-3630.