Rochester Hills Honors Eagle Scouts at Meeting


At the Rochester Hills City Council meeting on October 23, the mayor and members of city council took time to recognize the hard work done by Troop 125. They were not only given time during the meeting for praise, but were also given proclamations from the Mayor and members of city council.

Troop 125 has served the city since 1957. They have been involved in helping to develop youth leaders and responsible citizens as well as providing services to the community through hours of community service. 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of Troop 125 Boy Scouts of America.

Council member Kevin Brown started the meeting by recognizing the members of Troop 125, as Aria Suneal was chosen to accept the award on behalf of Troop 125. City council members stepped down to the front of the room to join the Eagle Scout troop.

Brown centered his speech around an anecdote. “I didn’t have to write my speech today because my speech wrote itself at Exit 131 at about 9 o’clock as myself and the Troops were headed to Mackinac City. We all have radios in the car as we are driving up and we are sitting at McDonald’s grabbing a drink and I hear, ‘I think you’ve got a flat.”

Brown told those in attendance that a driver with three scouts in his car got a flat tire just as he went underneath the underpass of Exit 131. “We drove up behind them and saw them on the side of the road fiddling with the tire and long story short, they couldn’t get a lug nut off of the tire. They called AAA, but the lug nut was still just as stripped for him as it was for us.”

Luckily AAA towed the car to a nearby repair shop, but they were still far away from where they needed to be. “At this point, the other adult leader and I are thinking, ‘wow this is going to be expensive – we are out in the middle of nowhere and there is no other place open this late at night.’ We thought the repair shop had us right where they wanted us.”

However, Brown’s story took a turn for the better. “The owner of the shop brings us in, we are all in Scout uniform, and it turns out that the owner was an Eagle Scout himself. He checks out all of the tires and we are waiting anxiously for the bill to come. He comes out to us and says, ‘someday someone will do something nice for me. Have a good night.’”

Brown turned to the Eagle Scout’s standing beside him. “So often we see these young men doing nice things for people and it is great to see it come back to them. We have so many Eagle Scout projects around here at Veteran’s Point. It’s a great organization and we have a lot of great young men that we are bringing up in the organization.”

Before presenting the Proclamation to the Eagle Scouts, Brown noted that he was given the opportunity to present this since he is an adult leader of the troop.

After honoring the scouts, the council also took time at the meeting to congratulate Lisa Cummins for being named Michigan Public Purchasing Officer of the Year. Mayor Barnett stepped to the podium to speak. “I really relish this opportunity to congratulate a person that is actually a good friend of mine. She is not only absolutely excellent at what she does, but she is passionate about it. As the council knows, the city spends well over a $100 million every year on things as small as paper clips to fire trucks.”

Barnett claims that they never have to worry because Lisa runs the best ship in the state. “I know she would quickly give credit to her team but we are here to give honor to Lisa because she was recently named the Michigan Public Purchasing Officer Association’s 2017 Manager of the Year.”

The crowd applauded Lisa as she humbly bowed her head. “There are so many things I would like to say but I will generally stay to my script,” Barnett continued. “Lisa has been here for as long as I have and is someone that I have gotten to know because she will come into my office and will tell me exactly what she thinks. She is spot on 98% of the time, actually, it’s probably higher than that.”

Barnett then stepped to the side as Cummins spoke at the podium.

“Every time someone says congratulations of job well done I definitely feel that I could not have done this without the support of everyone here in the city. I am very lucky and blessed to work with such a great staff,” Cummins said. “The support that I get from city council is unbelievable, I sit in most meetings and get information that most purchasers have to get through another entity. We would not be able to accomplish what we do without the support we get from the city.”

The crowd clapped for Cummins as she accepted her Proclamation and then she shook hands with every member of city council. Barnett stepped back to the podium to say some closing words.

“I know over the last couple of years we have the clerk of the year, the purchaser of the year, the electrical inspector of the year in the scout’s department. Trust me there are tens of thousands of people employed in municipal government and we are winning our fair share of national awards. We are really proud of the team we have, to the folks watching at home you have the best people in the state serving you every day.”