ROCHESTER: Lost Ring, Family Fight


Rochester & Rochester Hills

THE DOGS HELPED WITH THIS ONE. Deputies responded to a Rochester Hills residence at 11 p.m. on the report of a suicidal person. The caller contacted Sheriff’s Emergency Communication Center to report that his wife had consumed approximately 30 pills of an unknown medication and fled into a wooded area near the residence in an attempted suicide. The husband indicated his wife had been depressed recently and spoken of suicide. Deputies searched the immediate area with negative results and called in a K-9 unit which established a track. The dog was able to track the subject for 75 yards into the wooded area. The subject saw the dog working his way towards her and attempted to run back home. She was detained by deputies and continued to make suicidal statements. She was transported by paramedics to Crittenton Hospital for medical treatment and psychological evaluation.

EASY PICKINGS. Woman entered the Rochester Hills Substation to report that she was exiting JoAnn Fabric Store and realized she left her purse in her shopping cart. Returning to the store within five minutes, she and the cashier closest to the store exit searched for the purse, which was not found. Officer deduced someone saw the purse and simply walked away with it. Victim set the value of the purse and its contents at $650, including the Coach bag, $300, Motorola Cell phone, $100, keys to her 2012 Chevrolet Impala, $100 and various other personal items including two pair of prescription glasses and credit and debit carts.

WHY WOULD YOU TAKE IT OFF ON A HIKING TRAIL? Complainant entered the Rochester Hills substation to report he found a man’s wedding ring, gold in color, size 14 with a scalloped design on the rounded surface while walking on the trails in Bloomer State Park. Report was taken and property transferred to the Oakland County Sheriff Office property room and complainant advised to contact the office after 14 days for further disposition of the ring.

THERE’S NO WORSE FIGHT THAN A FAMILY FIGHT. Mother and daughter, 17 years-old, were arguing about the state of the daughter’s room. Daughter began putting stuff in trash bags to take to the dumpster. Mother became irate when she observed clothing she had bought for daughter being thrown out. Mother grabbed bag from daughter’s hands, told her to go back in the house, and hit daughter in the face. Daughter went to get some things out of mother’s car as she was going to leave with boyfriend. Mother blocked daughter from getting in the car, but when she did anyway, blocked her from getting out. Daughter bit mother on the upper left arm, and mother hit the daughter again. Boyfriend called 911, daughter sat down and started to cry. Mother started yelling at boyfriend, “Do you realize what you just did? She’s going to jail because of you! Don’t you come back here!” Mother was right this time for sure. Even though she did not want to prosecute, daughter was arrested and taken to jail.

THEY GOT A HAUL OF DENIM. Officer dispatched to Buckle on a retail fraud report. Store employee said a black male and black female entered the store and began selecting jeans. She said she stood near them while they consolidated items from around the store and put them on a display rack near the center of the store. While salesperson was helping another customer in another area of the store, the two suspects each took a pile of jeans and exited the store. An unknown customer approached her and said the suspects left in a silver Nissan 4-door with Ohio plates, but they did not get the plate number. A total of 17 Rock Revival jeans were stolen with a value of $2,818. The store’s door sensor was not working that particular day. Video cameras did have images of the suspects.

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills service station for a hit and run and private property damage crash. An employee of the service station and a witness said they both saw the suspect driving a pick up truck with a couch in the truck bed trying to back closer to the fuel pump when they suddenly heard a loud crash and saw the pump leaning. Suspect got out of the vehicle to inspect the damage, then pulled to the other side of the pump stating he still needed fuel. However, he ultimately fled without fuel. Vehicle was registered to a Ferndale address and vehicle and suspect were located at same. He explained how it was the couch that hit the fuel pump and when the station employee came out and said she was calling the owner, he panicked and fled the scene. He said he also knew he was driving on a suspended license due to outstanding tickets. Citation issued.

SHE WAS PROTECTED. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills address where homeowner stated she received notice that a credit inquiry had been made to Equifax on her account. A couple of days later, she received an alert from Life Lock about the same inquiry. The bank involved was Comenity Bank in Kansas and the business was a furniture store, Room Place. Complainant does not do business with either company.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248- 661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537-3630.