ROCHESTER: Man Arrested for Suspected Killing of Pet Cat


Rochester & Rochester Hills

MAN ALLEGEDLY USES HAMMER TO KILL ROOMMATE’S CAT. A Rochester Hills man was accused of using a hammer to kill his roommate’s cat. David Yn Hu, 33, was arraigned last Friday on a four-year felony charge of a killing/torturing an animal. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office was called to a home on Machette Court last Wednesday after a man claimed that his roommate was hitting his cat with a hammer in front of him. Upon arrival, police requested that the suspect come out of the house but received no response. They entered the home and in one of the back rooms found Hu near the deceased cat and a bloody hammer nearby.

When asked by police why he committed such an act, the suspect said he “felt pain, and let out his anger.” He said he couldn’t remember how many times he hit the cat. He was arraigned in Rochester Hills’ 52-3 District Court and was told to have no contact with his roommate.

CHILD WANDERS OFF IN MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Deputies responded to an address in the 500 block of Kimberly on a report of a found child. A resident was returning home when he was approached by a small child wearing pajamas and carrying a pillow. The child appeared to be 2-3 years. old and could not provide Deputies any identifying information. Deputies canvassed the immediate area, knocking on doors and speaking with the Apartment Complex management in an attempt to locate the parents, with negative results. Deputies had the Fire Department respond to evaluate the child and she was found to be in good health. The child was transported to the Substation and Children’s Protective Services (CPS) were notified.

At 6 a.m. the Sheriff’s Office Operations Center received a 911 call from a resident in the Kimberly Apartments reporting a missing child. She had returned home from work and discovered her boyfriend’s niece was missing. Her boyfriend was left to watch the child overnight and reported they had gone to bed and the child was sleeping on the couch. When the girl- friend returned home she found the front door ajar and the child missing. The child’s parents were contacted and responded to the Substation. After being interviewed by CPS the child was returned to the custody of her parents.

YOU CAN’T GET ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER. Rochester Hills resident entered sub station to register report of a larceny. Complainant reported that over the weekend two 24” Mongoose model girls bikes had been taken from the carport area in the Bedford Square Apartments. The bikes, one white and one purple, were locked together with a black key-type cable locking system — however, they were only locked to each other, not to anything secure. The bikes were valued at $110.00 each. No suspects.

IF THEY WANT YOU TO PAY IN GIFT CARDS — HANG UP! The victim entered the substation indicating he had received a call from an 877 exchange stating that he had failed to pay taxes on a foreign transaction he had made recently. He subsequently received a call from 911 saying he would be taken into custody immediately if the tax issue, amounting to $3050.00, was not resolved. He was instructed to buy Apple iTunes gift cards and reveal the serial numbers on the back of the cards. He did as he was told. A friend, hearing the story, told him he had been scammed.

A PILLOW FIGHT GONE WRONG? Officer dispatched to a Rochester Hills residence following a call from a mother who invited the officer in. Mother was extremely distraught and said she had been in the other room praying when she heard her daughters screaming at their brother who was assaulting them. Brother had received a phone call on younger daughter’s phone because he had broken his. He indicated he did not want to take the call and sister hung up. He then changed his mind and started hitting her with a pillow. The mother said he was mentally unbalanced with numerous brushes with the law due to his marijuana smoking and possession. In the meantime — older sister intervened in the fracas and brother began hitting her with the pillow as well and, ultimately, slapped her across the face. By the time the officer arrived, brother was down playing the slap as almost playful. During the entire interview, the mother became more upset and started having a seizure on the living room couch. The Rochester Hills fire and medical departments were called to attend to the mother. Brother was arrested for domestic assault.

THE BILL KEPT GETTING BIGGER BECAUSE THEY USED AN OLD ADDRESS. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills residence where a woman was a victim of identity theft. The victim stated she had received an email from Experian regarding her credit history. It indicated IC Systems had placed her account in “collections” status. She contacted IC Systems where the representative indicated an unknown party had used her Social Security, date of birth and her previous address to open an account. The account became overdue to the tune of $3,115 and was turned over to collection. The victim had not been contacted or received any type of delivery at her current residence.

WHAT CAN YOU SAY? Officer dispatched to a residence where an Indian national said she received a cell phone call from the IRS saying she owed the government $4,500 in back taxes. She had the phone number and said the male speaking to her had a foreign accent. He said if she refused to pay the money or told anyone of the call, she would be turned over to the immigration department to be deported. She was instructed to take a cab to the nearest Walmart where she withdrew the money and purchased Walmart gift cards as instructed. On a three-way conference call, while she did the transaction, caller heard her give bank and PIN numbers to complete the transactions. She then read the numbers from the backs of the gift cards. This gets worse. She was then told she was being transferred to the immigration department because she needed to pay a security deposit of $1,400 in iTunes cards to avoid deportation. The caller said someone would be at her home the following week to return the money. She borrowed money and did as she was told. The clerk at Walmart questioned why she was buying all these gift cards, but she was afraid and would not answer his question. The victim said it took her nearly eight hours to complete all of these transactions and she was on the phone nearly the entire time. A couple of times her phone went dead and she had to recharge it, but, of course, they called back. When she tried to call the number, it would not go through. When the victim finally talked to her family, they told her she had been scammed. Officer said the caller was likely overseas and there was a slim chance she could recover her money.

THIS THIEF HAD SOMETHING SPECIFIC IN MIND. Officer dispatched to a large residential construction company for a larceny from a vehicle. Company owner indicated that the large white cube truck had been parked in the rear of the offices for about three weeks. One morning employees, who also parked in the area, noticed the passenger window had been smashed inward. The owner, investigating the situation, noted the suspect had gained entry to the vehicle and cut off the key lock to the rear doors. An ACCU1 9400 insulation installing machine had been stolen. This is a heavy, cumbersome motorized machine that shoots insulation out of a hose. It’s approximately five feet tall and four feet wide.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-651-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-858-4951.