Rochester & Rochester Hills

GOOD TIMING FOR OFFICERS, BAD TIMING FOR SUSPECT– Officers were aware of a suspect’s outstanding warrant. As they approached the suspect’s home, they watched the suspect exit his residence and enter the driver’s side of his GMC Envoy he had previously been seen driving in. Officers followed him for a period of time before initiating a traffic stop. An officer approached the vehicle and asked for his license, registration, and insurance. The suspect was only able to provide is Michigan ID card. He was asked to exit the vehicle and placed under arrest for the outstanding warrant.

BROTHER’S ATTEMPT AT HELP ENDS IN DOUBLE ARREST – Officers were dispatched to the Red Roof Inn after receiving a call from a man stating that there was a suspicious man standing outside of room 444. The man said that he had spoken with his sister, who was in the room. Once officers arrived they found that room 444 did not exist. After speaking with the front desk, they found the actual room the callers sister was in. Once they reached the room they found the callers sister and an unknown male in the room. She denied the suspicious activity her brother had claimed and both she and the male with her were asked for their identification. Officers ran both occupants and found that they both had warrants out of Oakland County. Both were placed under arrest and transferred to jail.

BE ON ALERT FOR TAX SEASON – Report was filed by a local resident stating that he had received letters from the State of Michigan and the IRS seeking to confirm his identity and tax return. The victim had not yet filed his taxes at that time and contacted both the IRS and the State of Michigan to inform them of this fraudulent attempt.

BECAUSE EVERYONE LEAVES THEIR LICENSE AT WALMART– While on patrol, an officer observed a Chevrolet Aveo with a passenger side headlight out. The officer initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver who had two passengers with him. The officer asked him for his driver’s license. The driver stated that he did not have it on him and that he thought he had left it at WalMart. The officer ran the license plate number and found that the insurance had expired. He confirmed that the driver was the owner of the vehicle and was able to run him as well. The officer found that the driver had five warrants out of three separate courts. All courts were contacted and all advised the driver’s release. The driver was issued three citations; one for driving while his license was suspended, one for an expired registration, and one for having no insurance. The car was impounded and both the driver and his two passengers were transported back to their homes.

HOLD ON TIGHTLY TO YOUR DOOR HANDLES – Officers were sent to Joann Fabrics for a private property damage report. When they arrived, they met with the caller who stated that when she exited the store, she noticed a dent and scratches on the passenger side of her vehicle. While officers were speaking to her, a woman approached saying she was the owner of the car that struck the caller’s vehicle. She stated that she was opening her car door and a large gust of wind came up and took the door handle out of her hand causing it to strike the passenger side of the vehicle and said she would be happy to pay for any damages, making for a relatively happy ending.

CAR FIRE CLAIMS ONE PERSON. Around 10 a.m. on April 2, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office received several 911 calls about a car fire at 640 W. Huron St in Pontiac at the closed Webster Elementary School. The calls were transferred to the Waterford Regional Fire Department who responded to extinguish the car fire. When the fire was extinguished a badly burned body was discovered in the car. The car is a 2008 Cadillac. It is unknown at his time if the deceased is a male or a female pending an autopsy by the Medical Examiner’s office.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-651-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-858-4951.