ROCHESTER: Retail, Construction, and Identity Thefts Keep Police Busy

Police Patrol


HIS REPUTATION PRECEEDED HIM. Officer on patrol noticed a silver Cadillac with tinted windows traveling east on Barclay Circle toward Rochester Rd. Officer knew the young male who usually drove this car had a suspended driver’s license. Officer conducted a license plate check which revealed there was no insurance on the vehicle. Meanwhile, the vehicle turned into a medical office complex and darted to the rear of the parking lot. Officer initiated a traffic stop and pulled in behind the car. Approaching the vehicle, officer requested driver’s license, which he said he didn’t have. He was requested to write down his name and date of birth and, indeed, the officer was familiar with the driver. Suspect had three previous driving with a suspended license violations requiring plate confiscation. Officer informed the driver he was under arrest and requested that he exit the car. Driver refused. Officer told him he would be charged with resisting arrest and the 22-year-old driver complied. Car was impounded.

WAS IT REALLY WORTH IT? Officer dispatched to Walmart where LP (Loss Prevention) had detained a 17-year-old for stealing $33.58 worth of merchandise. LP officer observed the white female enter the health and beauty section of the store, select eye drops along with other objects from the Seasonal Department, before going into the restroom. Shortly after exiting the restroom, she walked to the store check out area where she purchased clothing. While she was checking out. LP went into the restroom and found empty boxes of eye care products, Nyquil and a Yankee candle box. After passing all points of sale, LP confronted the suspect who quickly admitted that she took the items. Suspect had no priors. Officer wrote her a ticket and released her at the scene.

THESE THIEVES KNEW WHAT THEY WANTED. Complainant, a representative of an area construction company, entered the Rochester Hills substation to report an unknown person stole a 60” back hoe digging bucket valued at $6,500 from a construction area in Rochester Hills. Complainant said the equipment was left in a “dormant” mode to be picked up and moved to a new location the next day. After confirming that the pick-up never happened, they realized the equipment was stolen. Complainant indicated the bucket is used for excavating flat surfaces. No known suspects. Probably not on Craig’s List.

AHHH, LOCK THE DOOR. Officer dispatched to a residence where homeowner indicated her two kids bikes were stolen from the garage. She was not sure if the garage was left open. Victim said the mountain bikes belonging to her 9 and 11-year-old children had last been seen about a week ago. The homeowner said she suspected the thieves were kids as her husband’s tools, valued at about $10,000 were not taken. The home does not have surveillance cameras.

ALL KINDS OF IDENTITY SCAMS. Victim received a call in late October from a collection agency. He thought it was a scam. He got another call in mid-November and spoke to the rep of Diversified Adjustment Service. Rep was able to verify his personal information including the last four digits of his Social Security. Victim then got worried. Rep informed him he had a past due balance of $1,893.50 on the Sprint account opened 2/10/17. Agency rep provided an address associated with a Sprint account in North Carolina, as well as an email address connected with the account. He was then informed how to dispute the fraudulent charges.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-651-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-858-4951.