ROCHESTER: Snapchat Issues in Rocky Relationship


Rochester & Rochester Hills

AN UNPLEASANT SURPRISE. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills subdivision, where victim said she received a letter from the IC System collection agency advising that her Sprint account was $1739.19 in arrears. She advised Sprint it was not her account and she had never given anyone permission to use her information.

“OFF AGAIN” MIGHT BE THE BETTER CHOICE. Officer dispatched to Rochester apartment complex for a domestic assault in progress. The complainant, 22 yearsold, stated her ex-boyfriend of one year, whom she was dating “on-again, off-again,” had tried to choke her and took her phone. The suspect was in a white vehicle parked in a lot next to the apartment complex. She stated he had come to her residence because he wanted to see her phone because he thought she was cheating on him with his friend on Snapchat. She saved her messages and tried to take the phone back. At one point he pushed her hard, throwing her back 10 ft, but that was their only physical contact. He didn’t try to stop her from calling the police or damage any of her property. Suspect said he had been invited over to see the messages and they still hung out together, the last time being the previous night. When he got there she had changed her mind. He had two scratch marks on his neck. Victim did not wish to make a complaint and suspect was sent on his way and advised to stay away from the victim.

HE’S NOT LUCKY. Complainant stated two fraudulent credit cards had been issued in his name for a Cash Back Visa and a second at a BP Gasoline Visa issued to an unknown user in Orlando, Florida. Neither card had been used by the suspect and victim was able to cancel both cards. Victim said this was the second time he had been a victim of Identity Theft and had Identity Theft Protection in order. Not very good protection, it appears.

LOCK IT UP … ALWAYS. Officers dispatched to Rochester Hills residence where complainant stated that his unlocked vehicle, a 2017 Lincoln, had been burgled in his driveway between 9 p.m. the previous evening and 9 a.m. that morning. Returning to the car that morning his Shinola wallet was missing and the glove box and the center console were open. His driver’s license and four credit cards were taken and no activity had been detected on them. No visible evidence or prints were found.

TOO LATE FOR NARCON. Deputies and Fire Department responded to a Rochester Hills residence on the report of an unresponsive subject, 30 years-old, who was not breathing. Deputies and paramedics entered the residence and found the victim obviously deceased. The victim had a history of heroin use. Drug paraphernalia and marijuana were found at the scene.