ROCHESTER: Unruly Relative Charged With Assault Over ER Incident

Police Patrol


■ HIS PROBLEMS WERE ABOUT TO GET MUCH WORSE. Officer monitoring traffic on Walton Blvd. observed older vehicle driving at a speed of 55 mph in a 40 mph zone. Officer initiated a traffic stop. Officer asked driver for his license, registration and proof of insurance. Driver provided insurance and registration, but said his license was expired, not suspended. However, driver had a warrant out of the Westland District Ct. for Malicious Destruction of Property with an outstanding bond. Westland police confirmed the warrant and agreed to make the meet. Driver was placed under arrest without incident and transported to the meet where he was turned over to Westland Police. He was also issued a citation for speeding and driving on an expired license. A co-worker took possession of his car.

■ HE WAS MAKING THE SITUATION WORSE. Officer dispatched to a fight in the ER at Crittenton Hospital. Nurse indicated that a family member of her patient was being loud and angry as she was trying to give the patient follow up instructions. Loud relative was interrupting with questions and when he didn’t get an answer yelled at the nurse to “shut the f*** up.” At that point nurse attempted to leave the room and relative grabbed her by the arm to keep her from leaving. She called security and requested they call police and charge him with assault and battery. Relative said he did not tell the nurse to shut up, but did grab her arm because he wasn’t getting an answer to his question. A check of his driver’s license indicated an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Shelby Twp. for a similar incident at another hospital. Relative was issued a citation for Disorderly Assault & Battery and allowed to transport his family member home.

■ THEY HAVE A LOT OF WAYS TO WATCH YOU. Officer dispatched to Meijer regarding an embezzlement report. Upon arrival he spoke to Loss Prevention (LP) Officer who informed him that an employee had embezzled $55.00 from Meijer via three gift cards. The 23 year-old cashier had activated cards on September 3, 11 and 13. LP Officer had received an email from Meijer APE Analytics regarding Card Redemption having a customer number associated to the cashier who issued the cards. LP has video surveillance of cashier using all three gift cards. Cashier initially denied the charge until she was confronted with the evidence. Cashier was placed under arrest and transported back to the substation for processing.

■ NEIGHBORLY BAD BLOOD. Victim walked into the Rochester Hills substation to file a Damaged Property report. He had recently discovered a dent to the passenger side of his 2015 Ford Super Duty pickup. He discovered the noticeable dent near the passenger side window. An unknown projectile had penetrated the paint and bare metal was visible. Victim stated his neighbor had been acting belligerent to him, but he was not sure if she was responsible for the damage. Report was taken and damage was photographed.

■ PERSISTENCE DID NOT PAY. Officer dispatched to Rochester Hills residential neighborhood where complainant advised that a black male wearing camo shorts and a “majic windows” t-shirt was going door-to-door offering various household services. Officer approached the suspect inquiring as to whether he had a permit to solicit. Suspect identified himself and indicated his manager had the permit. When asked about outstanding warrants, suspect indicated he had one out of Lansing for taxes. Officer directed him to his vehicle and asked him to relinquish his phone, which suspect refused to do. Suspect protested when officer attempted to handcuff him. Officer informed him he was about to get a resisting and obstructing charge and the suspect allowed himself to be cuffed. In addition to the outstanding Lansing warrant, suspect had several citations for soliciting. Some neighborhood witnesses claimed he knocked at their door and was very persistent, offering a variety of home improvement services. One of the homeowners indicated she had to slam the door in his face to get rid of him. Suspect was given another citation for soliciting.

■ THE MEDS MADE HIM CRAZY. Officers dispatched to the Meijer store at Marketplace where a security officer indicated there was a white male walking in and out of the store yelling “Mike,” yelling to himself and trying to whistle. Officer met with the suspect at the east entrance door. Suspect indicated he was at the store to make some purchases and had taken his medication an hour prior to his stop. He indicated it sometimes made him unsteady on his feet, but he was now feeling better. Security officer also indicated suspect appeared to be more lucid. Though suspect had no ID, he gave officer his name, address and date-of-birth. A LEIN check indicated a warrant out of Macomb County for a probation violation. A meeting was arranged and the suspect was turned over to the Macomb County Sheriff.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248- 651-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-858-4951.