Rochester Writer Wants to Cook a Meal from Every Country

Born and raised in Rochester, Alexandria Drzazgowski graduated from Stoney Creek High School and went on to Michigan State, where she knew she wanted to study abroad. What she didn’t know was how that experience would inspire a mission to make a meal from every country in the world.

“I was a Spanish minor, so I probably should’ve gone to Spain, to be honest,” she says, “but when I thought about where I truly wanted to spend my time, I wanted to go to Italy to learn about the culture that had influenced my family so much.”

While she’s always loved to cook, Drzazgowski’s urge to travel wasn’t just about eating great Italian food. “It was about learning how the history of the country has influenced the food there, and how different environments make different foods, and how recipes develop from that.”

She first had the idea for a food and culture blog while in Italy, but was hesitant to tell anyone at first.

“I knew that if I said out loud, ‘I’m going to cook a meal from every country in the world,’ then I had to do it.”

This year, she went for it and launched The Foreign Fork, a site dedicated to travel stories and international recipes. It’s there where you’ll find a story about Drzazgowski’s trip to Spain in which she received her first recipe suggestion from a stranger for a dessert cookie called Alfajores.

“Seeing the joy in this stranger’s face as he described his ‘taste of home’ crystallized for me the value of this project,” she writes.

For now, Alexandria says The Foreign Fork is just a hobby, operating out of her kitchen in Rochester, but she would love to make it a full-time gig one day, traveling and cooking meals in their native countries.

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