Sharpen Your Focus & Skill at Rising Pheonix Archery

Archery, once again a popular sporting trend, has a prominent Troy presence on Rochester Rd. Rising Phoenix Archery, a local business for three years, boasts the nation’s largest USA Archery program with membership topping 400.

Owner and USA Archery Level 3 Coach Brandon Wright explains that archery coaching has graduated from the inconsistent volunteer level to a standardized which “builds fundamentals and improves skills.”

Wright’s archery story began when his sons received bow and arrow equipment from their grandfather at the ages of five and three. Travis, the oldest, won his first State Championship at the age of six. At that point, to encourage his son, Wright started his own competitive training.

Both Travis now 12, and dad continue to amass state titles. Travis came in 34th in his class at the World Championships in Las Vegas last year.

“There has been a resurgence of popularity for archery partially because of current pop culture exposure like the `Hunger Games.’

“Area Middle Eastern and Indian demographics also feature archery in many of their cultural rituals,” Wright comments.

“And,” he continues, “just about anybody can be an archer, which makes it an excellent family sport.”

Surprisingly, it’s not hunters that take up the sport of archery. Wright says most hunters are content enough to hit a deer, a relatively large target. Competitive archers aim for a much smaller target, typically, about the size of a silver dollar.

Archery is an individual sport. You are always looking to better your skill, on your own. It improves mental focus, dexterity and control.

“It takes an enormous amount of training to get the sub-conscious to take over. We teach; look at the spot where you want the arrow to go.

“Progress is gradual,” Wright says.

Archery instruction can start as young as eight years-old. Rising Phoenix Archery has eight coaches on staff. and classes at all skill levels. Wright says the women’s program is “sold out.”

If your curiosity is piqued, you can try the sport in the completely new 7,000 sq. ft. indoor facility, as an open range beginner after a brief staff orientation. There is no charge for this service or equipment use

And, if you want to score with your kids, plan a birthday party at Rising Phoenix Archery.  Don’t worry, they won’t get hurt. Archery is the second safest U.S. sport after — bowling.

Rising Phoenix Archery is located at 3803 Rochester Rd. For more information, call 248-688-9309 or see their website