She Found the iPhone She Had Dropped During a Multi-Stop Shopping Trip

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WHAT WOULD PROMPT SOMEONE TO DO THIS? Officer dispatched to a Rochester Hills address for a Malicious Destruction of Property Report. Victim said she had parked her car in her driveway about 2 a.m. At about 1:30 p.m. she returned to her vehicle and discovered an unknown suspect had shattered the driver side window. It appeared the suspect had not entered the vehicle and nothing was missing. Victim said she has not had any issues with neighbors or anyone else she could think of. There was glass everywhere, but the projectile was not located.

A HAPPY ENDING. The iPhone 6s owner had her phone in her purse and had walked to several locations during about two-and-a-half hours. During the trip, the phone went missing, so she back tracked to all locations and contacted each business involved. She didn’t know whether the phone was equipped with the feature to ping it to assist in locating it. She was advised to turn off the phone and contact her insurance carrier. And, lo and behold, as she continued to look for the phone along her shopping path — she found it at Hawthorne Appliance underneath a mattress she had looked at earlier in the day!

NOT A GOOD DAY AT SPENCER PARK. Officer dispatched to Spencer Park met with the Park Ranger who called on behalf of three victims of vehicle break-ins. In each case, a car window was smashed to gain entry into the car. In Vehicle One the purse contained $1,000 in cash, ID and credit cards, as well as some hair styling equipment. The purse stolen from Vehicle Two contained ID, credit cards and approximately $60 in cash. Vehicle Three lost  ID and credit cards. She stated that a bag that was stolen contained information on her son’s soccer team as well as $200 in cash. Victims were advised to contact their financial institutions and place fraud alerts on their credit reports.

SHE DID THIS DRINKING AT WORK? Officer dispatched to Avon Rd. where caller said an apparently incoherent woman had parked her vehicle in the middle of the road. Officer approached the white Lexus with vanity plates, now partially on  the side of the  road,   and requested she turn the car off. She said she didn’t know how. Officer advised her to push the ignition button. While speaking with the driver, officer noticed her eyes were bloodshot and glassy and there was a strong odor of intoxicants on her breath. Officer requested she step from the vehicle. Her speech was slurred to the point of being incoherent and she could not stand up without holding on to the vehicle. Driver said she was coming from work but could not articulate where that was. She said she had consumed vodka that she had taken with her to work Driver was unable to perform field sobriety tests. Driver was transported to the Oakland County Jail and vehicle was impounded. Case open pending blood results.

SHE HAS GOOD TASTE, AND NOT MANY WRINKLES. Ulta Cosmetics store manager stated a white female, 40-45 years old entered the store and, using a grey Ulta shopping bag went over to the Prestige counter and placed a Clinique item in the bag as well as a couple of Perricone skin treatments and a Peter Thomas Roth item as well. She then moved through the store adding multiple items to the bag. Employees were alerted she was acting suspiciously. The female then walked to the front of the store leaving the bag by a display. The bag did not contain the Perricone skin serum or the Peter Thomas Roth serum. Manager believes the suspect concealed the items on her person before exiting the store. Total value. $155.00. An employee was able to get license plate and vehicle information

IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE. Victim said she was shopping at Meijer and was in the aisle where the paper towel and bulk items are located. She stated her purse was in the cart and zipped. She said she turned away from the cart while selecting items and when she turned back she found her purse was unzipped and her wallet was missing. She reported the incident to customer service. The wallet had not been turned in. It contained ID and three credit cards.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537-3630.