SHELBY, UTICA, MACOMB: Bad News Comes in Twos



WARM WEATHER CAUSES TWO PAIRS TO FALL THROUGH ICE IN SHELBY. In two separate but similar instances Tuesday, a child and three teenagers fell through thin ice and had to be rescued by police. According to a press release, Shelby Township Police and Fire responded to the area of Iroquois Lake in the Arrowhead Subdivision on reports that two 15-year-old boys had fallen through the ice. When police arrived on the scene, one boy had made it to shore while another was still in the middle of the lake.

Sergeant Titchenell fell into the lake himself while attempting to rescue the boy. Everyone was assisted and the boys were transported to the hospital for treatment. Just hours later, a 14-year-old boy and his 2-year-old sister fell into Crystal Lake in Shelby Township while on their way to a friend’s house. Crews got the two out of the water and rushed them to the hospital as well.

Police are reminding people to stay off the ice, given the unseasonably warm temperatures we have been experiencing in southeast Michigan.

TWO BODIES FOUND IN SAME AREA TWO DAYS APART IN SHELBY. Police do no suspect foul play in the unrelated incidents. On Wednesday, officers responded to the area of Hixson & Auburn where they found a man, in his late 50s, who had been deceased long enough that medical aid could not be administered. On Friday, officers responded to the same area of Hixson & Auburn where they found another deceased person, a man in his mid-50s.

In a statement posted online, police said, “Neither of these deaths were from injury or attack, and neither is deemed suspicious in nature. We won’t comment further on means or manner out of respect for the families, nor will we be releasing names.”

Residents have been reacting with confusion, some questioning how much of a coincidence this could really be. “Sounds like body dumping,” one man said, but Shelby Police responded, “Nothing like that at all.”

MACOMB TOWNSHIP ROCK THROWERS CHARGED. The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office has charged three juveniles after an investigation into incidents which occurred in November of 2016, according to a statement. The Sheriff’s Office received a complaint wherein a father (and daughter) were driving on 21 Mile Road in Macomb Township when their windshield suddenly shattered. The shattering windshield caused glass to fly about the interior of the vehicle and resulted in an injury to the 16-year-old daughter, as her hands were cut. The next day, a Shelby Township Police officer was responding to a police-dispatched call when the patrol vehicle he was driving was hit by thrown rocks. The officer pursued the suspects’ vehicle and the occupants fled the scene on foot. Shortly after, two occupants returned to the scene and surrendered.

The Sherriff’s office now says through interviews and an investigation, detectives were able to ascertain that there were other vehicles damaged with at least 14 different victims. The rock-throwing incidents occurred over several days, and resulted in over $20,000 worth of damage. The damage was caused by a group of individuals, and they were driving in at least two different vehicles while damaging property. The Sheriff’s Office has procured criminal charges, two felonies and a misdemeanor, on three individuals, all juveniles. Two of the defendants are residents of Macomb Township, and the third is from Fraser.

SUV CRASHES INTO UTICA DPW GATE AND FLEES. Utica Police responded to a call at 8 am from a Utica DPW employee who, upon arrival, noticed that the rolling gate which secures the entrance had been knocked off and thrown approximately 30 feet. A cement bucket had also been struck and dragged several feet, but there were no signs of damage to the building itself. The incident occurred close enough to Jimmy John’s field that video surveillance footage was retrieved. The video shows an SUV crashing into the gate near midnight the night before. The initial footage was blurry but an effort to enhance it and gather more information is underway.

TWO BROS KNOCK OVER UTICA ICE SCULPTURE. A bouncer at a local Utica bar alerted police that he saw two men knock over an ice sculpture that was on display for Utica’s Ice Festival last weekend. The two men had just been kicked out of the bar, as they had been previously banned from entering. Because of their ban, the bar already had copies of their IDs and turned them over to police, who subsequently mailed the two men tickets for the offense.

FRAUDULENT SHELBY TOWNSHIP CHECK CASHED. Last December, police began investigating a case involving fraudulent Shelby Township treasury checks that were fabricated using Township banking information. One check was successfully cashed at a bank, and police were able to positively identify the suspect through account numbers and bank surveillance video and issue a warrant for arrest.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes, or any other offenses, please call the Macomb County Sheriff at (586) 469- 5151.