SHELBY, UTICA, MACOMB: Aggressive Door Knocking, Bell Ringing Worries Residents



TAKING A BREAK? Police received a call about a business on Auburn road that appeared to be closed during normal work hours. Caller said it looked “like the doors to the business are locked and no one is there.” Upon arrival, police located the worker and everything was fine.

SCREAMING WORRIES CALLER. Police responded to the area of Timberline and Van Dyke on a suspicious incident. The caller reported hearing a “young male voice” screaming “No, stop” but the caller did not know who it was or where it was coming from. When police arrived, they searched the area for anything out of the area and found nothing.

SLEEPING IN CAR. A suspicious vehicle was reported near a store on 26 Mile. The caller, an employee at the store, said the vehicle had been in the lot all night and would like police to check on it. Police located the vehicle and identified the owner, who said they slept there overnight for work. They advised the driver that it was not the best place to park and sleep.

SEVERAL REPORTS OF AGGRESSIVE DOOR KNOCKING. In the span of three days, April 8-10, Shelby police received four complaints of suspicious knocking and bell ringing on residential doors. On Berkshire, Buckingham, Hillside, and Kingscross, homeowners reported varying degrees of concern. One report just says “Someone ringing doorbell,” while another says that someone was knocking on the front door “very aggressively.” It appears in all of the incidents that police did not find any suspicious activity upon arrival.

THERE’S NO WORSE FIGHT THAN A FAMILY FIGHT. Mother and daughter, 17 years-old, were arguing about the state of the daughter’s room. Daughter began putting stuff in trash bags to take to the dumpster. Mother became irate when she observed clothing she had bought for daughter being thrown out. Mother grabbed bag from daughter’s hands, told her to go back in the house, and hit daughter in the face. Daughter went to get some things out of mother’s car as she was going to leave with boyfriend. Mother blocked daughter from getting in the car, but when she did anyway, blocked her from getting out. Daughter bit mother on the upper left arm, and mother hit the daughter again. Boyfriend called 911, daughter sat down and started to cry. Mother started yelling at boyfriend, “Do you realize what you just did? She’s going to jail because of you! Don’t you come back here!” Mother was right this time for sure. Even though she did not want to prosecute, daughter was arrested and taken to jail.

SHE WAS LUCKY. Officers dispatched to residence where victim stated she had received a letter from Sprint stating they were unable to make a decision on her application because it was incomplete. Victim state she had never applied for a Sprint account.

SHE WAS PROTECTED. Officer dispatched to address where homeowner stated she received notice that a credit inquiry had been made to Equifax on her account. A couple of days later, she received an alert from Life Lock about the same inquiry. The bank involved was Comenity Bank in Kansas and the business was a furniture store. Complainant does not do business with either company.

MORE THAN HE BARGAINED FOR. Officer dispatched to local car wash where an irate customer claimed his Chevy Yukon had scratches on the hood after going through the wash. He swears they were not there before the wash. He also said it was the worst wash he ever had and the officer did note there was still dirt on the front and back of the vehicle.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Macomb County Sheriff at 586-469- 5151.