SHELBY, UTICA, MACOMB: DTE Scammers Nab $1,200 from Business

Police Patrol

Shelby, Utica, Macomb

UPDATE TRAGIC CAR CRASH IN MACOMB COUNTY. On July 21st, The Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office issued a petition for the at fault driver in the crash that occurred on June 12th in Macomb Township. The driver, 16, out of Macomb Township is being charged with two felony counts of Reckless Driving Causing Serious Impairment of a Body Function. When the incident occurred, a silver Saturn Ion was traveling westbound on 21 Mile Rd carrying five occupants ages 15-17. The Saturn Ion stopped to make a left turn when it was rear ended by a purple Chevy Silverado carrying six occupants ages 15-16. The purple Silverado is a single cab which had four occupants inside the cab and two traveling in the open bed. There were five teens in the Ion and two were ejected from the impact, according to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. “Two of the teens at the time required extensive surgery for their injuries,” according to an MCSO press release. Investigators said the suspect driving the purple Silverado had dropped his cellphone and looked away to retrieve it. When he returned his attention to the roadway, he saw the Ion had stopped in front of him and he crashed into it.

“As parents, we must constantly remind our children of the dangers associated with distracted driving, while set- ting an example for them while we are driving ourselves,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith. “Tragically, too many lives are changed forever by distracted driving. In the mere seconds that it takes to open or respond to a text…you travel hundreds of feet of roadway while driving blindfolded.” The driver has been cooperative throughout the investigation and is due to appear in the Macomb County Juvenile Court in August.

FIREWORKS COMPLAINT TURNED SQUAD CAR TOUR. Shelby Township Police responded to a complaint about fireworks being lit off in a neighborhood off of Ryan Rd. The homeowner, who was supervising children between 5 and 10 years old as they lit off sparklers and small poppers, was located and advised of the fireworks ordinance in Shelby. The children were also given a tour of the police car.

PEOPLE AREN’T ALWAYS WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE… An elderly woman from Shelby Township let two men inside her home off of Mound Rd. who claimed they were with the Water Department working in the area. They claimed they needed to check a few things. She reported to Shelby Police that the men were wearing hanging badges, but she was not sure if they were “legit” or not. She asked that Shelby Police call the Water Department to double check. The Water Department stated that they were not working in the area, and do not wear hanging badges. Thankfully, the caller did not report any damages to her home or belongings that had disappeared.

CAN’T WE JUST STICK TO TOILET PAPERING HOUSES FOR REVENGE? Police responded to a complaint about the destruction of private proper- ty at a home off of Van Dyke Ave. The complainant reported that someone had poured sugar into the gas tanks of their cars. This is considered a particularly serious form of vandalism because when the sugar makes contact with gasoline, it creates a semi-solid sludgy substance that totally clogs up the vehicles gas tank and fuel lines, doing some serious dam- age to the car. No resolution to the damage was reported.

DTE SCAMMERS TOOK NEARLY $1,200 FROM SHELBY BUSINESS OWNER. A business owner in Shelby off of 26 Mile Rd. got in contact with Police to report scammers that took advantage of him. Reportedly, the scammers told the man that they would shut down the power at his business if he did not pay them. Ultimately he gave them two payments, first $400, then $795 more. No resolution has been reported, but always remain skeptical of people asking for money who create ultimatums.

BACKYARD STREAKERS CAUGHT ON TAPE. Shelby Police received a call from a homeowner stating that he has a security camera video of three subjects approaching the back door of his house from the previous night. Two young men were also caught on tape sneaking across the back porch in their underwear, possibly headed to his backyard pool. The teens were reportedly scared off when the homeowner stepped outside to smoke. There is no report on whether or not the teens were identified, but there have also been recent ding-dong ditching in the area off of Dequindre Rd.

MCSO: BREAKING AND ENTERING SUSPECT. On 7/23/17, Macomb County Sheriff’s Deputies took a breaking and entering report at Thai Orchid Restaurant located at 60 Cherry St. The break in occurred at approximately 6:00am on 7/23/17. The front glass door had been broken and several items including a lap top computer and $300.00 cash were stolen. The business is equipped with video surveillance and did capture this incident on video. The video shows a white male break the front glass door and then enter the business. An incident briefing and description of the suspect was given to Deputies. Deputies in Mt. Clemens located Tony Pollack, a 53 year old male out Clinton Township, who matched the description of the suspect and brought him into the Sheriff’s Office for questioning. Pollack was also wanted for parole absconding. The Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office has issued a felony warrant for Pollack for one count of Breaking and Entering. Pollack is currently being held at the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office and will be arraigned in the 41-B District Clinton Township Court. No further information at this time.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Macomb County Sheriff at 586-469-5151.