SHELBY, UTICA, MACOMB: Fireworks or Gunshots? This Time They Were Gunshots



FIREWORKS OR GUNSHOTS? Shelby Police responded to a call from a concerned community member who reported hearing gunshots from the parking lot of a nearby church. He did not think that the sounds he heard were fireworks. Upon further investigation, police discovered that they were, in fact, gunshots. However, the source of the shots was not cause for concern as there had been a flag burning ceremony with a 21-gun salute at the Knights of Columbus hall nearby.

JUST INVITE THE NEIGHBORS NEXT TIME. Police received a call from a concerned citizen who noticed a car parked in his neighborhood that he had never seen before. The morning after he noticed the vehicle he found liquor bottles. He claimed it looked like someone had thrown a party. Another neighbor found rocks all over his driveway and beer bottles in his yard. There was no further investigation, the neighborhood as a whole just asked police to keep an eye out.

 LATER SK8R BOYS. Shelby Township Police were dispatched to a location off of 26 Mile Rd. near Scotland Blvd. due to a complaint of four male skateboarders playing in the road and obstructing traffic. The caller claimed that they believed it was “unsafe”, and the boys should be asked to skate elsewhere.

NO FREE RIDES HERE. Shelby Police were dispatched to a location near 26 Mile Rd. in response to a call from a cab driver who had picked up a customer and given them a ride home from the casino. The cab was located and an officer was able to mediate the situation. Perhaps next time this person hits the slots, they’ll set enough money aside for a cab ride home.

GOOD LUCK UNLOCKING THE REGISTER. Police were dispatched to a location off of Hayes Rd. near 24 Mile. The caller reported noticing broken glass near the door of a business nearby. The caller also said that she did not notice any suspicious vehicles in the area and could not see anyone inside the business. When officers arrived on the scene, it was clear that the cash register had been stolen.

REALTOR OFFICE RAIDED. Ralph Roberts Realty of Utica and a neighboring address recently underwent a raid enacted by the FBI and the Oakland County Sheriff’s investigators. The Tuesday afternoon raid lasted 3½ hours, during which investigators seized computers and business records from the two properties.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Macomb County Sheriff at 586-469-5151.