SHELBY, UTICA, MACOMB: Gun Threat Prompts School Lockdown

Police Patrol

Shelby, Utica, Macomb

Gun Threat Prompts School Lock Down

Deputies responded to a possible gun threat at L’Anse Creuse North High School in Macomb Township on Monday, December 4, at approximately 1 p.m., placing the school in a modified lockdown. This indicates that students may move throughout the building, but no one may leave or enter the school.

When deputies arrived at the scene and spoke with L’Anse Creuse officials, they were informed that two students had reported a Snapchat post, which stated, “I have a gun in my backpack.” The post was uploaded to a Snapchat group used by L’Anse Creuse North students. A second post was created by the same user, saying, “lmao jk” – slang for “laughing my ass off just kidding”. The person responsible for sending the Snapchat posts was located, and it was discovered he did not possess a gun. No weapons were found, prompting the modified lockdown to be lifted. Deputies continue to investigate the situation.

For any questions or comments regarding the incident, contact Sergeant Renee Yax at 586-469-7198.



String of Heroin Overdose Deaths

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office has been called to six heroin overdoses within a recent five-day stretch. All of the overdoses have been from heroin believed to be laced with fentanyl. Two persons, a brother and sister, were saved on Monday, November 27 with Narcan carried by deputies. Four additional persons were unable to be saved. Of these four deaths, a white female (21) out of Warren died on Tuesday, November 28, a white female (27) out of Mt. Clemens died on Wednesday, November 29, and two white males (51 and 62) both out of Mt. Clemens died on Friday, December 1. This heroin is believed to be sold out of the Mt. Clemens area.

The Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) is aware of this issue and is working to locate the source. Sheriff Anthony Wickersham wants the community to be aware of these overdoses and warns anyone using this drug that the consequences are fatal.

“We don’t want anyone to use illegal substances ever. We all know what drugs can do; however, with this particular batch of heroin that is spreading through the Mt. Clemens area we want people to know that it is a deadly decision.”

Anyone who may have information on the source of this deadly substance is asked to contact our S.E.T. tip line at 586-469-4861. You can leave an anonymous message or request that a Detective contact you.