SHELBY, UTICA, MACOMB: Man Lives with Both Baby Mommas, Fights Ensue


Shelby, Utica, Macomb

WATCH FOR FAKE KIDNAPPING SCAMS. Shelby Township Police say they haven’t received any reports of ‘fake kidnapping scams’ in Shelby but are encouraging residents to be aware of the situation. “It CAN happen to us, to our family, to our neighbors,” said a statement of their Facebook page. “This scam plays on the fears we all have of losing a loved one.” The scam usually involves receiving a call from an apparent kidnapper who says they have taken your loved one are demanding you send money. If anyone receives a call like this, Police are telling residents to get in touch with the family member to ensure that they are in fact safe, and not to send money, adding, “There is no need to make a police report if no money is sent.”

STOLEN IPAD. Utica Police responded to Hall Road on reports of a stolen iPad. A shopper was perusing the aisles with her iPad 2 in a black leather case sitting in her cart. She completed her shopping and when she returned home, realized the iPad was missing. The woman used the Find My iPhone app and got an exact address in Clinton Township. She notified police and forwarded them a screenshot of the address. Police went to the address and spoke with the homeowner who allowed them to search the house, but to no avail. The Find My iPhone app says that the device is supposed to be within 100 feet of the pinged address. Due to lack of further leads, the case has been closed.

VERBAL AND PHYSICAL ASSAULT. Utica Police were dispatched to a business on Van Dyke on reports of an assault. A customer walked up to an employee and started screaming profanities. Other customers and employees witnessed the encounter. The agitated customer then pushed the employee with both hands, at which point he was told to leave. He continued swearing at the employee until he heard the police were being called. The man left the building and headed North. Store employees recognized the man and believed he went to a physical therapy building just up the road. Police went to the physical therapy center and identified a man matching the suspect’s description. The man admitted to being at the store and having a verbal confrontation, but not a physical one. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and simple assault and battery. After being transported and booked at the station, he was released on bond and transported to Macomb County for a valid child support warrant.

THREE’S COMPANY. Officers responded to a home on Klingkammer Street on reports of a domestic disturbance. A woman was standing outside the front of the home when officers arrived. She was fixing a window screen that was damaged during a recent fight. When asked if they could look inside the house, the woman told the officers no. When asked what happened, she told them that her and “Jim” live in the home with their three children along with another woman and her child, who was fathered by Jim. All three adults had gotten into a verbal fight that day, and the other woman took her child and left. Jim took his other three children and left, leaving the woman home alone to clean up the mess.

Minutes after officers left the home, Jim called dispatch and told them that the “police are not the only ones with guns” and that he was coming up there to talk. Jim called several more times to yell at the dispatcher. A sergeant called Jim and told him he would pursue charges against him if he continued to threaten dispatch. Jim said he was still upset about the fight and that the two women he lives with are crazy and trying to get him arrested (as if he needed any help). He said the one woman took her child and left to stay with family out of town. He apologized for the calls to dispatch and stated that he was going back home to work things out with the woman he has three children with.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Macomb County Sheriff at 586-469-5151.