SHELBY, UTICA, MACOMB: Occupied, Idle SUV Unnerves Homeowner


Shelby, Utica, Macomb

HALF-NAKED TRESPASSER. Shelby Police responded to a call about a man in a parking lot of a local business off of Shelby Rd. Reportedly, the man, driving a burgundy Mustang, stripped off his clothes in the parking lot and proceeded to lay in his car. Later, the man entered the establishment and told all of the employees to give him their cell phones. Allegedly, the man was upset that the employees had been video taping him. The man was located and advised that he was trespassing.

DISTRACTED DOG WALKER. A burgundy Kia Sorrento was found parked inside River Bends Park in Shelby Township for over 30 minutes with the driver’s side door open and the vehicle unlocked. There was also a purse left on the passenger seat. Dispatch spoke with the owner of the vehicle who stated that she had been distracted upon arriving at the park to walk her dog and forgot to shut the car door. She stated that she was 3 miles into the park on a walk and that she had the car keys. Officers locked the car and the owner stated she would call again later if she noticed anything missing from the vehicle.

JUST TAKING A WALK. Police responded to the area of Speedway Dr and Harry Ave on a report of a suspicious person. The caller described seeing a young man wrapped in a blanket, carrying a walking stick, and walking on Speedway towards Van Dyke. The caller wanted Police to make a welfare check. Police located and spoke with the young man, who was just taking a walk. No issues, all set.

ERRATIC DRIVER ARRESTED. A caller contacted police after getting cut off by a driver and noted that the driver was speeding all over southbound Van Dyke near 23 Mile. Police located the Honda Accord, pulled the vehicle over and ultimately took the driver into custody on a misdemeanor traffic arrest.

IDLE SUV WORRIES HOMEOWNER. Police responded to an address on Tiverton Lane. The caller noticed a black SUV parked outside of their home. The vehicle was occupied and idling and the caller told police that it had been there for quite some time. However, upon arrival, police spoke to the caller who indicated that the vehicle had left the area. Police scanned the sub-division and checked the area but did not locate the vehicle or any suspicious activity.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Macomb County Sheriff at 586-469-5151.