SHELBY, UTICA, MACOMB: Two Fools Urinate ‘Out in the Open’ Near Bar

Police Patrol

Shelby, Utica, Macomb

HE WAS MAKING THE SITUATION WORSE. Officer dispatched to a fight in the ER at Crittenton Hospital. The nurse indicated that a family member of her patient was being loud and angry as she was trying to give the patient follow up instructions. A Loud relative was interrupting with questions and when he didn’t get an answer yelled at the nurse to “shut the f*** up.” At that point nurse attempted to leave the room and relative grabbed her by the arm to keep her from leaving. She called security and requested they call the police and charge him with assault and battery. The relative said he did not tell the nurse to shut up, but did grab her arm because he wasn’t getting an answer to his question. A check of his driver’s license indicated an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Shelby Twp. for a similar incident at another hospital. The relative was issued a citation for Disorderly Assault & Battery and allowed to transport his family member home.

LIQUOR THEFT AT SAM’S CLUB. An Asset Protection Associate for Sam’s Club in Utica noticed two bottles of Grey Goose missing for the shelves that were never purchased throughout the day. The associate reviewed security footage and found that a man and woman had concealed the bottles in her purse. She used a membership card to purchase miscellaneous items and exited the store with the concealed liquor. The two suspects drove off in their vehicle. The associate reviewed past purchases made with the membership card and unveiled several other incidents of retail fraud made by the same suspects.

LAPTOP PURCHASED USING FRAUDULENT CREDIT. Utica Police were dispatched to Best Buy on Hall Road on a report of credit card fraud in progress. A woman was applying for a credit card who had applied earlier in the day at the Best Buy in Rochester. Upon arrival, staff pointed out the suspect who was heading for the door. Police stopped the woman and questioned her. The woman told officers that she had applied for credit using her name, but used a social security number that didn’t belong to her. She said a friend had given her the numbers to use to open the credit line. A LEIN check on the suspect revealed she had a suspended license and active misdemeanor warrants out of Ypsilanti, Dearborn, and Detroit. The suspect indicated that she was there with a friend, who was waiting in the parking lot. Officers located the friend and a LEIN check revealed he also had multiple warrants. Both subjects were arrested on their warrants. Items that were purchased on the fraudulent credit card were returned to Best Buy.

NEW CAR GETS KEYED. The victim walked into the Utica police station to report a crime. He said he went to Wendy’s to eat with his kids and upon leaving, one of his kids noticed scratches on his vehicle that looked consistent with a car that had been ‘keyed.’ The man had just purchased the car four days prior and believes the incident occurred while he was at Wendy’s. A review of security footage did not show the incident.

THESE TWO LET IT ALL HANG OUT. A patrol officer noticed two males urinating behind a local bar on Auburn road. According to police, the men were not trying to hide it and were out in the open for everyone to see. The officer approached the individuals, who quickly zipped up their pants and attempted to hide what they were doing. One suspect only zipped up his pants but left his belt undone. At first, one suspect denied having urinated, but after the officer noted that he saw the whole thing, they admit- ted to the crime. A PBT showed that one suspect had a BAC of .217 and the other .08. The manager of the bar was notified that they were not to be allowed into the bar. The two urinators were issued tickets and released from the scene.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Macomb County Sheriff at 586- 469-5151.