SHELBY: Why Did the Chicken Cross 23 and Ryan Road?

? PORCH SLEEPER. On Wednesday, May 3rd at approximately 10:47 pm, police were called to the scene of a Shelby household where it was reported that someone was sleeping under the house. The subject was located and ID’d. It was later found that they were sleeping on the back porch of the house without the permission of the homeowner.

? SPORT SCAM. Two teens claiming that they were collecting money for the Henry Ford Football team dressed in shorts and a Henry Ford hoodie. One teen was going door to door asking for money. The caller was concerned that the teens were attempting to scam donors.

? LOOK OUT FOR GYPSY CRIMINALS. Transient criminals, commonly referred to as gypsies or travelers, are known for committing crimes against the elderly all across the United States. These criminals travel in groups and normally do not settle in one place for long periods of time. Their crimes, also known as “gypsy scams” are often petty theft, burglary, larceny, and fraud. These criminals alter their identity and pose as home repair persons to swindle their way into homes while the owners are present. Once inside, they commit their crime and leave before the victim realizes what occurred. In 2016, more than 110 reported crimes against senior citizens were received, 49 arrest warrants obtained, and 31 additional subjects identified as members of the transient criminal organization. In May, 2016, the Elder Crimes Task Force was created by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Dept. as a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement effort to investigate crimes committed by known members of transient criminal organizations.

? CHICKENS CROSS ROAD. At the intersection of Ryan Road and 23 Mile Road, a driver called into the police department claiming there were chickens and roosters crossing the road, and that they were going to cause an accident. There were no chickens or roosters found by the police patrol, but the police made contact with the farm that is located nearby. The owner was notified of the incident. There is still no answer as to why the chickens were crossing the road.

? OPIOIDS ALLEGEDLY CAUSE CAR ACCIDENT. On May 9th, at approximately 1:30pm, Macomb County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to the area of E/B I-94 near Joy Rd. for a single car crash. Information was given to 911 that the vehicle was swerving on the roadway at E/B I-94 and 16 Mile Rd. The vehicle continued on, hitting both a guard rail and a sign until it went into a ditch near Joy Rd. Several citizens attempted to assist with the two unresponsive males located in the vehicle. Whilst in other situations these males would be quick to call their lawyers in jonesboro arkansas, or elsewhere, they were incapacitated at the time. Emergency personnel arrived and tended to both males who were responsive upon being transported to the hospital for further treatment. After further investigation, it is believed that the unresponsiveness of these males was drug induced. Both men were responsive after the use of Narcan, a prescription drug administered nasally to treat opioid emergencies. They’re lucky that they didn’t hit another vehicle. If they were to visit Frost Law Group, LLCs official website, they could have received legal advice, but they would have to live with the guilt of injuring or even killing another person for the rest of their lives.

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? SURPRISE VISITOR. Dispatch received a call from a Shelby woman stating that someone was in her house. She quickly called back to cancel, though, when she discovered that the “stranger” was in fact her son. She was obviously not expecting him to come over.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Macomb County Sheriff at 586-46