Spa Dentistry: Pampering You, the Patient, with Services

Spa dentistry is not just a fad. In a recent Denver news station poll of over 1800 people, over 75% of the respondents admitted that anxiety affects their dental visits. Other studies show that over 15% of the population is so fearful of the dentist that they don’t even visit the dentist regularly.

So, if more dental offices could convince just 10% of the population that an office visit can be a pleasant, pampering experience, would more people look forward to regular dental care? Would more clients get that beautiful smile makeover they’ve always wanted?

Many offices around the country are doing just that. The amenities and ambiance offered is often termed “spa dentistry.”

Addressing more than just “perks,” spa dentistry includes patient-care challenges, such as anxiety, sedation, pain management and jaw disorders. Most offices offer “laughing gas” or nitrous oxide to their clients as well as a variety of other relaxing alternatives to manage these symptoms.

What sorts of “things” may spa dentistry include? Some of the amenities that offices offer are candles, aromatherapy, fresh flowers, music selection, and choices in specialty beverages. Trends ranging from internet access to manicures, paraffin wax treatments, and massages while you have dental services performed are not so unusual during a trip to the dentist anymore. These services are geared towards men and women of all ages. Most practices do not charge an additional fee to their clients to pamper them.

Let’s face it; “the torture chamber” perception that many people have of the dentistry has motivated dentists across the country to make changes in the way they practice dentistry. These complimentary services are a great way to begin your relationship with a new dental team.

So the next time that you choose a dentist, make sure to inquire about any amenities the office may offer to make your experience a pleasant and relaxing one!

Dr. Shikha Batra is a cosmetic and general dentist practicing in Troy, Michigan. For any further comments, questions, or concerns – feel free to contact her office at 248- 362-1100 or