Spring is Perfect for Road Work in the City

Photo source: rcocweb.org


It’s been a bit of a strange winter, with a lot of early snow and a warm February, followed by a nasty March with April not appearing to be much better. Those freeze/thaw cycles are not kind to our roads, especially the older ones.

But the construction season is underway in Troy, and new projects have started or will begin in late April.

The second phase of the widening of Dequindre from Long Lake to Burningbush Roads resumed last month. This is a Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) project that will widen the road to five lanes. This project has been talked about for a decade, but it took federal money, with the road commissions of Oakland and Macomb counties, as well as the cities of Troy and Sterling Heights chipping in, to bring the $16.5 million project being done by Dan’s Excavating to fruition. Dequindre should be completed by November, but for now, there’s only one through lane being maintained in each direction. So, if you live in Troy and want to go to Beaumont, Troy, it might be advantageous to take South Blvd. to Dequindre. That right turn at the light is into a lane that goes right into the hospital parking entrances.

Here’s another place you might want to rethink your driving route into or through, the Somerset Apartments. As of April 9, you cannot enter Somerset Drive from Coolidge. It will be westbound and out only. Scott Carruthers, interim manager of streets and drains, warns that there also will be closures at Somerset and Dorchester intersection to contend with for the duration of the project, as well as no parking on the streets. The streets will be milled and refinished, so get out your maps and find a new way to Crooks.

There are some other spots in the city that definitely need a bit of repair after this winter. Livernois might top that list, south of Big Beaver. It is slated for concrete patching by the RCOC. If you’ve driven on South Blvd, past last year’s newly renovated roadway, you might have noticed some crumbling under your tires.

Adams to Crooks also are scheduled for rehabilitation and resurfacing by RCOC. If this is your area, Carruthers noted that detours are anticipated for through traffic between Adams and Coolidge. The same treatment is slated for Long Lake from Corporate to Tower Drive.

The city of Troy will be working on local road projects this summer. The following roads in Section 10 are scheduled to receive an asphalt pavement overlay: Sylvanwood, Trinway, Creston, and Somerton. The following roads in Section 15 are scheduled to receive an asphalt pavement overlay: Belhaven, Wilton, Beldale, Belzair, Dorshire, and the asphalt portion of Choice Court. This project includes milling (grinding off) select areas of the existing pavement and placing a new asphalt pavement surface. Work is anticipated to start in the spring of 2018 and be completed by the end of June.

Also starting this week are some slab replacement projects throughout the city, beginning in Mt. Vernon, especially those around the edges, Cumberland, Greensboro, and Fairfield. There will be milling and slab removal and some residents won’t be able to park in their driveways. Watch for notices from the city.

This is just Phase I. Repairs will also be done in Section 4 and 7. Specific locations and additional information can be viewed at troymi.gov/streetsprojects. These roads were selected based on the City’s pavement rating system (PASER) and field verification. Sidewalk ramps adjacent to the road project will be replaced as necessary. Work is anticipated to start in early May on other projects and continue into the fall of 2018. They will be looking for other trouble spots, if it ever really stops snowing.