Tased and Confused: Don’t Kick a Deputy in the Face


Deputies and the Rochester Hills Fire Department responded to a residence for a person who was unconscious and not breathing. Upon arrival paramedics relieved caller from administering CPR until all life saving measures were exhausted and the victim was pronounced deceased. The ex-husband, who had called 911, indicated that the deceased had undergone plastic surgery a few days ago and advised she had a history of asthma and was prescribed several different medications for her headaches. There was no apparent sign of foul play.

TRYING TO KICK A DEPUTY IN THE FACE IS A BAD IDEA. Deputies responded to a residence in Rochester Hills for a report of domestic assault. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a male who reported that he was assaulted by his wife. Upon arrival Deputies were advised by the complainant that his wife was highly intoxicated and had assaulted him numerous times that night. While the deputies were interviewing the complainant, the wife exited an upstairs bedroom. She looked over the hallway railing at the deputy on the ground level of the home and started yelling profanities at him. After verbal commands were given for her to stop, she charged down the stairs throwing punches toward a deputy at the bottom. Deputies attempted to control and handcuff her, but she was able to break free and attempted to kick a deputy in the face. The deputy employed a taser and was able to subdue her. The male victim refused medical attention. The suspect was transported to the Oakland County Jail.

COLD BROTHERLY LOVE. Deputies were dispatched to the area of Hamlin and Adams for a welfare check on a motorist. Passenger had called 911 reporting he had been stabbed in the leg by his sister. Arriving on the scene,  officers interviewed the victim who stated he had been driven to the area  from  Detroit by his sister, with his mother for a job interview. Sister and brother started to argue and she pulled over and demanded he and their mother exit the vehicle. He refused because “It was too cold,” which prompted the attack. Sister disputed the story, saying victim raised his arm to swing at her and she stabbed him with a letter opener. Sister was arrested and transported to the Oakland County Jail. Victim refused aid by the Rochester Hills Fire Department because “it was too cold.”

BABY NEEDED A COUPLE OF NEW BEDS. Officers were dispatched to Walmart to a retail fraud. Two males entered the store, proceeded to the Infants Department, selected two toddler beds and two mattresses and took the merchandise directly to customer service without paying for it. At this point, one of the men left the store and the other continued to return the merchandise without paying for it using an old receipt. When store security confronted the man at the door, he denied the transaction. Store security let the man go and contacted the sheriff. Deputies checked the area where the men were last seen heading, but were unable to locate them. The cost of the items returned was $292.66. Store security did get still shots of the suspects .

FAMILY ISSUES DON’T GET BETTER WITH ALCOHOL. Officer responded to a 911 call from a male stating his son assaulted him and was holding he and his wife hostage. Upon arrival caller stated his 35 year-old son had left the house . He said the son had come into their bedroom and argued that the way they handled his ADHD as a child by hitting him wasn’t fair because he couldn’t defend himself and now he was going to repay the favor. Son is living at home to take care of the father who has Parkinson’s. Father said he believes son has deep-rooted anger toward them because of upbringing. Wife stated she just didn’t want trouble for her son. Son, eventually returned and stated argument started when he addressed his mother’s drinking problem and the care of his father. He said there was never any physical contact, only arguing. Officer could smell intoxicants on his breath and son admitted to having a beer. There were no signs of physical injuries to any of the participants. Son was arrested for Domestic violence and transported to the Oakland County Jail.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Rochester Police Department at 248-661-9621 or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 248-537-3630.