Teacher Please Understand, They Stole His Homework

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Can You Say Assault and Battery, and a Theft, too. A 16-year-old victim on Cambria Street was dropped off at his home after school and while walking up his driveway, he was suddenly jumped by a 16-year-old suspect from Troy that he knew and the suspect’s friend.  The victim was punched and thrown to the ground, causing injuries to his right eye, knees, and pain in his ribs.  The second unknown suspect grabbed the victim’s backpack and stole it.  The backpack contained the victim’s house keys and homework. The police are on this one.

But are the tools for sale on Craig’s List? Driver of a red 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche Pick-up parked the work vehicle outside his residence on Breeze Hill Place with his job-site tools in it, which included a nail gun, saws, an air compressor, and miscellaneous hand tools.  When he awoke the next day for work, he found the vehicle stolen.  He indicated the vehicle is owned by his wife and there are no issues between the two nor anyone else.  The vehicle also may not have been locked with the keys left inside – never a good idea.  The vehicle was located by the Detroit Police Department on 10/24/2016 at 4:11 PM.  The vehicle had been abandoned and had multiple damage to it including a sideswipe, right rear panel damage, broken taillights, and the mirrors were broke.  The vehicle keys were not left behind and there was no damage to the ignition.

Have I mentioned that thieves are watching you when you get to your health club? They know you’ll be in the club for an hour or more. Stash your belongings before you leave home or office and this might not happen to you.

Four victims at a Maple Road health club discovered their vehicles had been entered by an unknown suspect.  The owner of a yellow 2009 Jeep Wrangler had her rear driver’s side window smashed-out and her purse was stolen.  Inside the purse was her wallet, which contained $900 in currency, several credit cards, and other miscellaneous items.  The owner of a red 2013 Nissan Sentra had the rear passenger side window smashed-out and her purse was stolen.  Inside her purse was her wallet, which contained $50 in currency, a credit card, and her State of Michigan Operator’s License.  The owner of a black 2013 Buick Enclave had her rear driver’s side window smashed-out and her purse stolen, which contained her wallet.  Inside her wallet was $100 in currency, several credit cards, her State of Michigan Operator’s License, her Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Card, and her Sam’s Club Membership Card.  The vehicle also received damage to the front passenger side window as it appears the suspect(s) couldn’t get that window to break.  The owner of a 2011 Nissan Rogue had her front’s driver’s side window smashed-out but nothing was taken.  There had been no fraudulent activity to the stolen credit cards as of yet.

If they pay with a $100 bill, check it carefully before you give them change. Unknown customer entered the Big Beaver restaurant and requested a to-go order.  The bill was $13.25 and the subject paid with a one hundred dollar bill.  He then asked how long the order would take and the hostess told him about 15 minutes.  He told her he would return for it but never did.  She then checked the authenticity of the bill he provided and found it to be counterfeit.  The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 25 years old, 6’2” to 6’4” weighing 210 LBS with short hair.

Tax season is over, so this is the new way to use your stolen identity. A Reilly Drive resident discovered unknown suspect(s) used his personal information to file two unemployment claims.  Victim did not give anyone permission to do such and does not know how his identity was compromised.

Now this is grand theft. The District Manager of a John R business discovered the rear door seal had been broken and an investigation was conducted.  The Corporate Loss Prevention Officer spoke with a 30-year-old female manager from Detroit who admitted she had stolen $8,000 worth of merchandise since being hired on September 25 of this year. That’s just a month!

YOU CAN’T CHOOSE YOUR NEIGHBORS. Victim stated she woke up for church on this Sunday and observed her new neighbor  throwing green goose feces on the trunk lid of her vehicle. She further stated the new neighbor has caused verbal arguments with her since moving in three months ago. Victim drove vehicle to the car wash to have feces removed before the paint was damaged. She was advised by her attorney to make a report to document the incident.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes, or any other offenses, please call the Troy Police Department at 248-524-3477.